Andrea Huser Post-2017 Transgrancanaria Interview

A video interview (with transcript) with Andrea Huser after her second-place finish at Transgrancanaria 2017.

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Andrea Huser repeated as runner-up at this year’s Transgrancanaria. In the following interview, Andrea talks about how she thinks she ran as well as last year, what she enjoyed about the race, and where she’ll race next in running and skiing.

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Andrea Huser Post-2017 Transgrancanaria Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Andrea Huser after her second-place finish at the 2017 Transgrancanaria. How are you, Andrea?

Andrea Huser: I feel very good, thank you.

iRunFar: You are moving very well today and lots of energy.

Huser: Yes, I’m very happy. Maybe it’s adrenaline inside my head.

iRunFar: Or maybe you run so many races they don’t make you tired anymore.

Huser: Yes, they make me tired, but I recover very well after.

iRunFar: Once again, you were second place here. Do you feel you ran this race as well as last year?

Huser: Yes, after the start at night, I don’t feel very… I felt good, but I was thinking all the time that I’m not in shape because I was so far behind. I couldn’t believe I could go to the podium, but during the day I can get out.

iRunFar: You moved up through the race. You were further back than I maybe am used to seeing you. Did you have doubts early in the race? Did you think maybe you would not be top-five?

Huser: Yes, yes, the whole night until the morning I was thinking that I was not in shape and that I couldn’t go faster.

iRunFar: What changed? What made you think maybe you could run faster?

Huser: It takes time. After about 80k I felt better—I felt tired like others, but I could go faster than the others. I caught up with the fourth woman. After a long downhill to Tejeda, I saw Mélanie Rousset the first time, but she went very fast up to Garañon. There I felt very tired.

iRunFar: Going down again you felt very strong?

Huser: Yes, I go easily on the downhill to relax. I felt very good in this downhill.

iRunFar: There were a good number of men around you, and your probably catching them?

Huser: Yes, a long time it was a little group.

iRunFar: Does that give you confidence to go ahead of them?

Huser: No, I just go my pace, but it’s nice to have some people around and see them behind and they catch name up and then I can see them again. It’s fun.

iRunFar: What was your favorite part of the race?

Huser: I like the part from Tejeda to Garañon and the downhill from Pico de las Nieves down—that’s my favorite part.

iRunFar: Because of the trail or the scenery? What do you like about it?

Huser: Yes, it’s always nice in the morning. This night was very cloudy, and you couldn’t see much. In the morning, down to Tejeda, I can see big Roque Nublo, and the sun comes up—that was very, very nice.

iRunFar: You enjoyed that.

Huser: Yes, I enjoyed that.

iRunFar: You also enjoy racing a lot. I understand that you and Mélanie Rousset will be racing next weekend?

Huser: Yes, we’re going to do Pierra Menta ski-mountaineering race.

iRunFar: Is that for fun, or is that to compete very hard?

Huser: For me, it’s fun. If a girl friend wants to do it… we’ve done it three times before, and it’s always fun with her. The atmosphere there is always good to enjoy.

iRunFar: It’s a team race, and is it a stage race?

Huser: It’s a team race and four days (stages).

iRunFar: Is that fun because you get to race for a few hours and then relax with friends?

Huser: Yes, that’s true. Race hard for three or four races, and after, we relax and enjoy.

iRunFar: What is your next running race you will focus on?

Huser: The Madeira [Island] Ultra Trail I’m going to do.

iRunFar: Have you run that race before?

Huser: Last year I did it. It’s a very nice race. I like the island also.

iRunFar: What do you like about the island?

Huser: The scenery is like La Réunion. The mountains—I like these mountains. I like the island.

iRunFar: That actually seems to be a light schedule for you. Maybe you will have time for training now?

Huser: First, I relax. Then I make Pierra Menta for training. Yeah, after, I will start training for Madeira.

iRunFar: Congratulations on your good run here, and we’ll see you at Madeira.

Huser: Thank you very much.

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