Andrea Huser Post-2016 UTMB Interview

A video interview (with transcript) with Andrea Huser after her second-place finish at UTMB 2016.

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Andrea Huser ran an incredibly consistent race to finish second at UTMB 2016. In the following interview, Andrea talks about the ups and downs in her race, what it means to her to finish second at UTMB, and what she’ll be racing… next weekend!

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Andrea Huser Post-2016 UTMB Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Andrea Huser after her second-place finish at UTMB 2016. You must be thrilled, Andrea.

Andrea Huser: Yes, I’m very happy.

iRunFar: Could you imagine such a good day?

Huser: Yes, I had a really good day yesterday. At night I suffered a bit. I had some stomach troubles, but that’s the first time I’ve had that. In the day I had a very good race.

iRunFar: How did you get over the stomach troubles—just time?

Huser: I couldn’t eat. I’d just drink some carbohydrate drink.

iRunFar: That was during the night. Were you able to recover and eat on the second day?

Huser: In the morning I was hungry, and then I could eat some bars and starch. The energy was coming more and more.

iRunFar: It’s nice to have that feeling as the race goes on. Were you able to eat any other real food at the checkpoints?

Huser: I took some broth.

iRunFar: Noodle soup?

Huser: Yes, and some sweet stuff like cookies. I have with myself little cakes and dates with coconuts.

iRunFar: You had all sorts of good food out on the trail. You were in second place all day. Did it feel like you were running alone? Were there other men around you?

Huser: At night, I was quite a long time alone. Most of the time I was alone.

iRunFar: Did you enjoy that or would it be nice to spend some time with someone?

Huser: It’s nice when I see someone.

iRunFar: You were probably usually passing them. You were so consistent. Throughout the race, you were very even. It didn’t seem like you fell back.

Huser: I had two guys, when it would go up, he caught me every time. After the refreshment part, he spent more time than me and he’d get behind. Then he’d come.

iRunFar: At every checkpoint? Over and over? You’d go through the checkpoints and then…

Huser: Yes, he was the only one I was with all the time.

iRunFar: At the end, did you beat him?

Huser: No, he was faster. He had more energy up.

iRunFar: You had a really strong time here. Was it your best time?

Huser: Yes, it was my best time.

iRunFar: Did you think you could run that fast?

Huser: It was difficult to say. I thought 26 hours should be close or between 25, 26, but I’m very happy.

iRunFar: What was your time at the end?

Huser: 25:22.

iRunFar: This course is harder than the one you ran two years ago. There was one more climb before Courmayeur.

Huser: Is it harder? It was difficult.

iRunFar: Yes. How did you do in the heat?

Huser: Yeah, I had some problems at the altitude because it was very hot. I felt very tired up to Col de la Forclaz. I was very tired there. It was also very hot.

iRunFar: At the checkpoints, were you getting wet and using the water to cool down?

Huser: Not really, no. I don’t like that. The checkpoints weren’t very hot.

iRunFar: Just out on the trail climbing?

Huser: Yes.

iRunFar: Is it safe to say this was your best performance at an ultramarathon?

Huser: Yes, it is, I think it is. It was my best, yeah.

iRunFar: Does it feel special to be second at UTMB?

Huser: Ah, that’s special. That’s like a win for me.

iRunFar: You’ve won other races, but…

Huser: Yeah, that’s special. It’s more special than the other races, yes.

iRunFar: Speaking of other races, you race all the time. Are you racing next weekend?

Huser: Yes, I’m going to do an adventure race next week.

iRunFar: How many days?

Huser: Five. I’ll be with three guys. They have to tow me.

iRunFar: No, you will tow them after this performance. Do you have any more major ultramarathons this year?

Huser: Yes, I’m going to do Diagonale des Fous again.

iRunFar: Why not?

Huser: Yes, why not?

iRunFar: Keep enjoying it out there, Andrea. Congratulations on your great run. Keep it going.

Huser: Thank you.

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