Amy Sproston Pre-2015 The North Face 100k-Australia Interview

A video interview (with transcript) with Amy Sproston before the 2015 The North Face 100k-Australia.

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Amy Sproston is a world traveler for both her work and running, and this weekend she’ll spend some time the land down under at The North Face 100k-Australia. In this interview, hear how this race fits into Amy’s 2015 racing schedule and what she thinks of her first glimpses of the weekend’s race course.

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Amy Sproston Pre-2015 The North Face 100k-Australia Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Hi, I’m Kerry Suter for iRunFar. I’m here with Amy Sproston ahead of The North Face 100k-Australia. Welcome to Australia.

Amy Sproston: Thank you.

iRunFar: What brings you out here? What is it you want to do in Australia?

Sproston: I’ve dreamed of coming to Australia since I was six. I’ve always wanted to come to Australia. I had the opportunity to come with Ultra-Trail World Tour, so I jumped on the opportunity.

iRunFar: Excellent. You mentioned before that you have a sort of connection with some of the reptiles and snakes and creatures. You have a good understanding and it’s a little bit about what you do?

Sproston: It’s what I did. My Masters degree is in herpetology. In my former life I was a reptile and amphibian expert.

iRunFar: There’s a running joke about how ridiculously dangerous this place is in terms of things that want to bite you and eat you and take you away.

Sproston: I was a little intimidated coming here actually.

iRunFar: Yeah, I expect you’ve got a better handle on it than us Kiwis and a few of the others. What’s your experience been like in the last couple of days?

Sproston: It’s been great. I got in Tuesday morning and had a day to explore Sydney and then came out here with Cassie [Scallon] and checked out the course a little bit. It’s beautiful.

iRunFar: Any thoughts on the course? You’ve been out ahead a bit to look around.

Sproston: Yeah, there are a lot of steps. They warned us there were a lot of steps and there are indeed. I guess I haven’t seen the non-step portions of the course, but there are also non-step portions.

iRunFar: Yeah, my take on it seems to be you plunge in on a lot of steps and then you have a good flat or rolling section and then a hard ascent. Now those transitions are short and sharp. How do you think that’s going to suit your running?

Sproston: Hard to say. We’ll see Saturday.

iRunFar: Your training has been okay for this? You think this is a good race for you? You’re in a good spot?

Sproston: Honestly, my training hasn’t been ideal. I’ve had some work travel. I just got back from Cairo, Egypt, so I’m kind of going the other direction to come back this direction. It’s not necessarily easy to train in Cairo. But I’m well-rested, so I’m hoping that will play to my advantage.

iRunFar: So you might find a lot out about yourself on Saturday—just sort of start easy and see how the going goes or press yourself and test yourself and go with it?

Sproston: Yes, I’m definitely going to relax and see how things unfold. I’ve got the endurance. I’ve done some longer races this year, so I think I will have the muscle memory in my legs. So it’s just being patient and seeing how it unfolds.

iRunFar: There’s a reasonable mix of good-quality runners in this race, and you seem certainly in there, too. Top three for you with a shot at first place or are you just going to see how it unfolds?

Sproston: Yeah, I’d love to do well. I guess I’ll see what happens on Saturday.

iRunFar: You’ve obviously picked up a lot of stamps in your passport in the last 12 months. You’re very lucky to have this lifestyle that sees you touring the world and getting a lot of running in. How’s that possible?

Sproston: I get a lot of great support from my sponsors—I run for Montrail and Mountain Hardwear. I had the opportunity to travel with them to Japan and Patagonia a few times in the last year. Also this race, I’m being supported by the Ultra-Trail World Tour. Yeah, I feel very fortunate.

iRunFar: So where does this fit in the year for you? There are other big goals that you’re thinking for 2015, more racing to be had?

Sproston: Yeah, one of my goals for 2015 was to go back and finish things I hadn’t finished in the past. I started off the year with HURT 100 in Hawaii—a 100 miler, very technical course. I had a good race at HURT. My other race I want to go back to that I didn’t finish two years ago is UTMB. UTMB is really my goal race, and everything is kind of leading up to UTMB.

iRunFar: Absolutely. All the best to you on Saturday, and I hope it goes well.

Sproston: Thanks.

iRunFar: Cheers.

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