Amandine Ferrato Post-2017 Trail World Championships Interview

A video interview (with transcript) with Amandine Ferrato after her second-place finish at the 2017 Trail World Championships in Badia Prataglia, Italy.

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France’s Amandine Ferrato took second at the 2017 Trail World Championships with strong, efforted, start-to-finish performance. In our first interview with Amandine, hear how she’s taken up trail running as an adult and how her ability has increased significantly in the last two years, how the dynamic between she and champion Adeline Roche played out, and if her mindset about trail running is changing following this international performance.

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Amandine Ferrato Post-2017 Trail World Championship Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Meghan Hicks of iRunFar and we’re here in Badia Prataglia, Italy. It’s a couple hours after the 2017 Trail World Championships. We’re here with second-place finisher, Amandine Ferrato. And thanks to you, Fred [Bousseau] of Trails Endurance Mag, for translating.

Amandine Ferrato: Thank you.

iRunFar: You’re the Vice Trail World Champion. How do you feel?

Ferrato: I’m very happy. It’s a great pleasure to share the victory with Adeline [Roche]. There was just three seconds between us. I’m very happy. It was an amazing day for me. It was a wonderful race. I’m very, very happy.

iRunFar: I want to ask a little about you as a runner, but I want to sort out the women’s finish. It was her and then you very close. How did you decide to finish one-two?

Ferrato: We were together, but we spoke a little time, but I didn’t want to win. It was better to share this victory. If I had been in front, I’d have waited for Adeline to cross the line together.

iRunFar: To be clear to the people watching this video, you and she are close friends? So it was a friendship thing?

Ferrato: It’s just one month ago in the trail running camp—we didn’t know each other before. Now, it’s just electric. It’s a very good partnership with training and in life. It’s new for us. Adeline is more a road runner and she has the habit to fight with other girls or runners. I’m more friendly and to share the victory and to share moments. I’m happy with this second place.

iRunFar: I want to ask you about your background with running. This is the first time that iRunFar has gotten to see you race and your first time racing internationally?

Ferrato: Yes, the coach is Christophe Malardé, who you know. I was second at the French national selection at Trail du Ventoux just behind Adeline and the first selection for me, too.

iRunFar: Before becoming a member of Team France, what sort of trail racing did you do?

Ferrato: I didn’t make any other sport before. I just started to run 12 or 14 years ago.

iRunFar: You started running as an adult?

Ferrato: Yes, completely. I’m a young runner.

iRunFar: That is to say there’s probably a lot of room for improvement for you. You’re an adult runner, this is your first time competing internationally—there’s a lot of room to grow.

Ferrato: Yes, for the last two years, I’ve made a very good level. I’ve grown a level. Now I run for pleasure—that’s my first motivation. If I don’t have pleasure, I will stop running. Now, I have good feeling with running and victory and some podium. I take what I have now.

iRunFar: Can you tell me about how your race went today? iRunFar saw you at four times on the course, and each time it looked like you were very mentally focused and working physically hard and breathing hard.

Ferrato: Yes, I was running fast for the team, for the French team, and for the ranking. It was very important to keep the gold medal in France. After, I was running perhaps to be 10th or fifth but not focused for podium. I was running in my mind with my coach and during all the race.

iRunFar: He’s yelling at you. Christophe, Christophe!

Ferrato: First it was for the team and all the results after were just a bonus.

iRunFar: In the last quarter of the race, you were in podium position. It became clear that you were not only fighting for the podium but very close to the lead. Did you run with that sort of focus? Now, I’m in a good position for the team. Now I’m going to run some for myself, too?

Ferrato: No, I just wanted to keep for France the first and the second place. Amandine or Adeline, but just to have these two places and not to give this podium to another country.

iRunFar: You are now the Vice Trail World Champion. What are you going to do?

Ferrato: I’m very happy. It was a race like a dream and a very amazing day. All around the team is a bonus with the gold medal for the team and with sharing the victory with Adeline. It’s an incredible day for me.

iRunFar: I hope Team France and you get to have a proper celebration. Congratulations!

Ferrato: Thank you.

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