All in the Family

So, on Monday, the iRunFar team got a little tighter. After spending the past 10 years with my best friend, I finally married her. That’s right, Meghan Hicks and I are now married.

Meghan Hicks - Bryon Powell - Married Dove Creek Colorado

Post-marriage selfie in front of Dove Creek, Colorado’s (where we got married) leading location.

A day later, it’s hard to put into words what or how much this means to me. In some ways, it’s everything. We’re comfortable, happy, and excited to spend the rest of our lives together. In other ways, it seems but the smallest step in an already long journey together. We’ve been together for more than a decade. We’ve lived together nearly that long. We’ve been full-time coworkers for something like six years. We’ve owned a house together for three years.

Still, a few minutes of paperwork and $30 in cash makes it all official. I’m hers. She’s mine. We’ll continue living and loving and working and adventuring together. We’ll also have plenty of our own adventures, just as we’ve always had. What follows are some photos from the life and work and adventures we’ve already shared.

That time we wrote a book together… and lived to tell the tale!

Hey, Bill Dooper, now it’s official, she’s my girl.

An all-too-rare vacation photo of us, here in Portugal after the Trail World Championships.

My nieces Maya and Norah with their now Auntie Meggie!

Early days of working together, at the Hardrock 100. Photo: Drymax

Meghan leading our home renovation.

iRunFar time in Silverton, Colorado.

A goofy moment in the golden hour at home above Moab.

We’re about to embark on our first Hardrock.

One of my happiest and proudest ‘moments,’ crewing Meghan during her 2016 Nolan’s 14.

One of our biggest adventures together, a fastpack through the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park.

That time we were featured in an article together.