Film Takes Heartfelt Look at Adam Peterman’s Injury Journey

A look at the third in a series of short films following Adam Peterman’s journey through injury.

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The film, part three of a short series from Hoka, brings insights into the mind and motivation of Adam Peterman, who was the 2022 Western States 100 winner and 2022 Trail World Championships 80k winner, as he navigates the physical and mental struggles of an ultramarathon runner who has running temporarily taken away due to injury.

Peterman, from Missoula, Montana, is forced to navigate his run-free days after sustaining an injury that requires him to steer clear of impact activities. In college, Peterman suffered an injury that caused him to feel like he wasted two months of his life, by sulking on the couch and watching Netflix. With a new lease on life, he makes all efforts possible to make this injury experience a learning one, so that he can gain more than he will lose.

This episode rides along with Peterman, showing how his injury has allowed him to fill new buckets. He expresses the importance of having a plan and staying busy. His sentiments for having supportive and likeminded people surrounding him during his recovery are expressed, and he shares exactly why being part of such a tight-knit community is so beneficial.

As a successful ultramarathoner, which is discussed in great detail in the first episode of the series, dealing with an injury that takes away your running ability can feel like a real stab in the back. Peterman shares what it was like to cope with the loss of his race schedule and the impact an injury can have on your ego and identity.

Luckily, he has activities like fishing and shares how this helped to keep him level-headed when dealing with the mental impact of injury. Unfortunately, even activities that you enjoy so much are not always enough. In episode two of the series, Adam talks about pushing himself beyond his limits during a race.

It becomes clear in episode three that injury is one of the most challenging things a runner can go through.

Adam Peterman - Humans of Hoka

A scene from the film “Adam Peterman: Episode 3 | Humans of Hoka,” which shows Peterman out on a fishing trip. Photo: Hoka

After winning the Western States 100 in 2022, having to sit on the sidelines in 2023 felt like a betrayal of his body and he shares the struggle he experiences by being at the race and not racing. But even better, he shares his plan to return to racing and remain injury-free in the upcoming season.

This film is a heartfelt insight into the life of a true human of Hoka.

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