A Poem by Angie Funtanilla

A poem about the call of the trails.

By on June 29, 2023 | Comments

[Editor’s Note: This month’s Community Voices piece is a poem by avid runner, Angie Funtanilla.]

It couldn’t stay away.
The Sun.

Nor could I.

Had to lace up,
Don the tights, long sleeves, and cap.

Chose the already muddied shoes. What’s a bit more going to hurt?
They’re built for this.


To taste the soaked Earth, marvel at the majestic greenery.

The ferns are blushing as I ooh and ahhh

I’m rushing and I’m here. Not missing a single second of this ecstasy

I am sopping it all up and breathing it all out

Encased in rapturous delight.

I lift and descend again and again

Limbs as magical as the ones in this here forest.

We. Are family.

My chest expands from a heart widening in happiness

At this rapid descent on Peters Trail

Quickening steps over protruding roots, twisty and curvy and then smooth
To let it all out,
Let the chest soar and the mouth roar

I cannot hold back
From this Earthy delight
This ridiculous freedom.


I am built for this.

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