2023 UTMB Photo Gallery

A photo gallery from the 2023 UTMB by photographer Kirsten Kortebein.

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[Editor’s Note: Photographer and Vert.Run co-founder Kirsten Kortebein created these images at the 2023 UTMB. Enjoy!]

The headlines from the 2023 UTMB were dominated by the amazing achievements of Courtney Dauwalter — who rounded out her triple crown by winning the Western Sates 100, Hardrock 100, and UTMB in one season — and Jim Walmsley, who finally achieved his long-time ambition by becoming the first American man to win this iconic ultra.

There were thousands more stories taking place, with runners from all around the world challenging themselves to do something extraordinary. This photo gallery catches a few glimpses from all of those stories. For more on how the elite race played out, you can read our 2023 UTMB results article.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - start line

Runners collect themselves as the 2023 UTMB start line energy mounts around them. All photos: iRunFar/Kirsten Kortebein

2023 UTMB photo gallery - Jim Walmsley

Jim Walmsley (U.S.) waves to the crowds as he toes the start line.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - Blandine L'Hirondel

Blandine L’Hirondel (France), who went on to take third at the 2023 UTMB, soaks up the excitement at the start line.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - start

Runners charge out from the start line, their expressions ranging from nervousness to focus to glee.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - Courtney Dauwalter - Les Contamines

The U.S.’s Courtney Dauwalter takes a last long swig from her water bottle before heading out of Les Contamines aid station, about 32 kilometers into the race.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - Katharina Hartmuth

Katharina Hartmuth (Germany), who went on to take second at this year’s UTMB, searches for her crew at the Les Contamines aid station.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - crew

A runner changes shirts while his mini crew waits attentively with his water bottles at the ready.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - spectators

Spectators snooze in the sun while waiting to cheer on their runner.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - Hayato Nishikata

Hayato Nishikata (Japan) looks focused heading into the Champex-Lac aid station, 126 kilometers into the race, on Saturday morning.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee, from the U.S., powers into the Champex-Lac aid station.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - family at Champex Lac

A French runner is welcomed into the Champex-Lac aid station by his children, who were also volunteering as MCs.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - Maite Maiora

Spain’s Maite Maiora grimaces after realizing she’s left a piece of her mandatory gear in the aid station she’s just left, and heads back to grab it.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - Matibini Matibini

Matibini Matibini (Botswana, lives in the U.K.) puts his head down for the last push to the UTMB finish line.

2023 UTMB photo gallery - Qi Song

The U.S.’s Qi Song wipes away tears as she’s cheered on by the finish line crowds.

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