2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc Results: Gold for Jon Albon, Sara Alonso

The results of the 2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc, decisively won by Jon Albon and Sara Alonso.

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This weekend, the 2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc returned to lush Chamonix, France, just before 8 a.m. local time on Sunday, June 26.

As part of the Golden Trail World Series, the marathon is known to draw some of the world’s highest-performing trail runners each year. And this year’s lineup was no exception.

For 2022, race organizers repatterned the course and opted for an all-new finish line at Place du Triangle de l’Amitie — in the heart of Chamonix. The route charts competitors over 42 kilometers (26.2 miles) of immensely varied terrain, from gentle municipal roads to rocky switchbacks. Cumulatively, it climbs some 2,540 meters (8,333 feet). It’s one short race that’s just as stunning as it is grueling.

2022 Mont Blanc Marathon - start

The start of the 2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc. Photo: Golden Trail Series | Marathon du Mont-Blanc | Philipp Reiter

2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc Men’s Race

U.K. favorite — and 2019 Trail World champ — Jonathan Albon broke the tape with 3:35:20 on the clock. That time put Albon ahead of the rest of the men’s field by more than four minutes.

Italy’s Davide Magnini was second to the podium with an official time of 3:39:41.

A minute later, Ruy Ueda of Japan clinched the final podium spot, at 3:40:42.

Moroccan-Swiss athlete Elhousine Elazzaoui (3:43:19) and France’s Thibaut Baronian (3:47:27) rounded out the top five in the men’s race.

2022 Mont Blanc Marathon - men's podium

The 2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc men’s podium (from left to right): 2. Davide Magnini, 1. Jon Albon, and 3. Ruy Ueda. Photo: Golden Trail Series | Marathon du Mont-Blanc | Jordi Saragossa

2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc Men’s Results

  1. Jonathan Albon (U.K., lives in Norway) – 3:35:20
  2. Davide Magnini (Italy) – 3:39:41
  3. Ruy Ueda (Japan) – 3:40:42
  4. Elhousine Elazzaoui (Morocco) – 3:43:19
  5. Thibaut Baronian (France) – 3:47:27
  6. Robert Pkemoi Matayango (Kenya) – 3:50:44
  7. Andrzej Witek (Poland) — 3:51:56
  8. Anthony Felber (France) — 3:53:12
  9. Antoine Charvolin (France) — 3:53:48
  10. Adrien Michaud (France) — 3:54:11

Full results.

2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc Women’s Race

In the women’s field, Spain’s Sara Alonso sank a decisive victory. Her time of 4:14:19 outpaced the pack by nearly six minutes.

New Zealand’s Caitlin Fielder came in at 4:20:21 to claim silver. Soon after, at 4:21:52, American Dani Moreno swooped in to secure bronze.

France’s Anaïs Sabrié (4:22:10) and 2022 Hochkonig Skyrace winner, Marcela Vasinova (4:24:35) of the Czech Republic completed the women’s top five.

Sara Alonso - 2022 Mont Blanc Marathon champion

Sara Alonso, the 2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc women’s champion. Photo: Golden Trail Series | Marathon du Mont-Blanc | Jordi Saragossa

2022 Marathon du Mont-Blanc Women’s Results

  1. Sara Alonso (Spain) – 4:14:49
  2. Caitlin Fielder (New Zealand) – 4:20:21
  3. Dani Moreno (USA) – 4:21:52
  4. Anaïs Sabrié (France) – 4:22:10
  5. Marcela Vasinova (Czech Republic) – 4:24:35
  6. Oihana Kortázar (Spain) – 4:28:43
  7. Fabiola Conti (Italy) – 4:28:52
  8. Theres Leboeuf (Switzerland) – 4:29:34
  9. Emkay Sullivan (USA) – 4:31:17
  10. Julie Roux (France) – 4:33:52

Full results.

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