2021 Javelina Jundred Mile Results: Arlen Glick, Camille Herron Win in the Desert

Results from the 2021 Javelina Jundred Mile, a 2022 Western States 100 Golden Ticket Race.

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The 19th edition of the Javelina Jundred Mile kicked off Saturday morning, October 30, sending runners through five grueling loops of Arizona desert trail totaling 100 miles, just in time for Halloween.

The Javelina Jundred starts at the McDowell Mountain Regional Park, north of Fountain Hills, Arizona, about an hour outside of Phoenix. Runners took off at 6 a.m. on a 22.3-mile loop including the Escondido Trail on the park’s far eastern side, and then four consecutive 19.45-mile loops that combine the Pemberton, Shallmo, and Cinch trails. 

The 100-mile race served as a 2022 Western States 100 Golden Ticket Race, earning automatic entry for the top-two male and female runners.

A cool, dark start yielded hot daytime temperatures before night brought cool reprieve once again, with daytime highs cresting above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As is the case each year, the Aravaipa Running race organization hosted a huge Halloween party that went all day Saturday, though the night, and into the race’s closing hours on Sunday morning.

2021 Javelina Jundred Mile atmosphere

The 2021 Javelina Jundred Mile scene. Photo: Javelina Jundred

2021 Javelina Jundred Mile Women’s Results

Camille Herron came out of the gate at a screaming pace and kept it up throughout all 100 miles of the Javelina Jundred. By the 22-mile mark, Herron had pulled out a nearly 10-minute lead, which she built upon throughout the race. Herron crossed the finish line at 14:03:23, more than 90 minutes in front of the nearest chaser. Brittany Peterson finished second at 15:47:23. Peterson stayed within 30 minutes of Herron for more than half of the race. But after 61 miles, Herron began steadily gaining on the field at a pace that no one could match. It appears Herron set a huge new course record by nearly 50 minutes as well.

Tessa Chesser and Lotti Zeiler ran a close race for third and fourth. Zeiler stayed in front for the first 5o miles. After that, she and Chesser battled with each other for the lead for 20 miles until Chesser began to break away at around 70 miles. Chesser maintained her lead for the race, finishing at 16:25:05. Zeiler finished about 25 minutes later at 16:50:12.

Melissa Brizic rounded out the top five, quite a bit back in 18:25:26.

While Herron earned Golden Ticket entry to the 2022 Western States 100, Peterson already has an entry courtesy of her top-10 finish at the race’s 2021 edition. The Golden Ticket, thus, rolled down to third-place Chesser.

Women’s Top-Five Finishers:

  1. Camille Herron — 14:03:23
  2. Brittany Peterson — 15:47:23
  3. Tessa Chesser — 16:25:05
  4. Lotti Zeiler — 16:50:12
  5. Melissa Brizic — 18:25:26

Full results.

Camille Herron - 2021 Javelina Jundred Mile champion

Camille Herron on her way to winning the 2021 Javelina Jundred Mile. Photo: Javelina Jundred

2021 Javelina Jundred Mile Men’s Results

Arlen Glick was first across the finish line at 13:14:51. Ryan Montgomery finished second at 13:33:52, just under 20 minutes behind. Glick and Montgomery ran a close race from the start. Glick carved out a narrow lead at the beginning of the race that he held for the first 20 or so miles.

By mile 22, Montgomery closed the gap and pressed ahead by several seconds. However, Glick was back in front by mile 32. Montgomery was still able to regain the lead for a short time as the pair approached the 40-mile mark. After that, Glick was able to get out in front by a few minutes, and held that lead through the end of the race, gaining slowly but steadily on the rest of the field.

Cole Watson finished in the third position, about 16 minutes behind second place. Watson kept his pace within a few minutes of Montgomery thought most of the race, but lost more time in the final miles. Joe McConaughy of thru-hiking fame finished fourth at 14:13:02, and Luke Garten rounded out the top five at 15:27:11.

Glick and Montgomery earned the 2022 Western States 100 Golden Tickets, should they choose to accept them.

Men’s Top-Five Finishers:

  1. Arlen Glick — 13:14:51
  2. Ryan Montgomery — 13:33:52
  3. Cole Watson — 13:49:33
  4. Joe McConaughy — 14:13:02
  5. Luke Garten — 15:27:11

Full results.

Arlen Glick - 2021 Javelina Jundred Mile champion

Arlen Glick, 2021 Javelina Jundred Mile Champion. Photo: Javelina Jundred

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