2012 USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail National Championship Schedule

USATF Ultra ChampionshipsThe 2012 USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail National Championship schedule has been announced. Many of the races are the same such as the Bandera 100k, Caumsett 50k, and Continental Divide Trail Run while the Moab Trail Marathon is a new addition to the USATF Championship lineup. There won’t be a USATF Road 100k championship due to the Mad City 100k being so close to the IAU 100k World Championships (see bottom). The Mount Washington Road Race will be the USATF Mountain Running Championship for both men and women. The men’s team for the Mountain Running World Championships will be selected at Mount Washington, while the women’s team will be selected at the Loon Mountain Race in July.

2012 USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail National Championships

For the third straight year, there’ll be a USATF Trail Series Championship that includes all the marathon-and-under USATF championships. This year that means a three race series with the following distances: 10k, 1/2 marathon, marathon.

[* Mt Washington is also the men’s Mountain Running Team selection race.
+ The Loon Mountain Race is the women’s Mountain Running Team selection race.]

2012 Mountain/Ultra/Trail World Championships
Here are a few international trail and ultramarathon championships of note:

  • April 22 – IAU 100k World Championship (Seregno, Italy)
  • September 2 – World Mountain Running Championship
  • September 8-9 – IAU 24 Hour World Championship (Katowice, Poland)
  • September 8-9 – WMRA Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge (Interlaken, Switzerland)
  • October 20 – IAU 50k World Cup – Vallecrosia-Bordighera, Italy

Call for Comments

  • Are you planning on running one of these races?
  • What do you think about the races on the schedule?
  • Do you pay particular attention to who wins USATF national championships?

There are 12 comments

  1. Scott

    Have you seen the registered list for the 100k in Bandera on January 7th? Going to be a fun one to watch play out. Hopr they all make it out there.

    Men: Dave Mackey, Nick Clark, Timothy Olson, Ian Sharman, Dave James, Dylan Bowman, Yasine Diboun, Justin Ricks and locals Steven Moore, Paul Terranova and Neal Lucas!!

    Women: Liza Howard, Joelle Vaught, Pam Smith and Darcy Africa!!

    1. Jonathan

      Ian isn't listed as running the championship but that may change. He is running Rocky Raccoon so Bandera may be a training tune up. Definitely worth seeing but I will not be there either. I'll be getting ready for the Houston Marathon the next weekend. Bandera will definitely be a great race. I hope Neal does well. It's his first try at this distance. He smoked the Capt'n Karl series and recently ran the NYC Marathon. He flew by me at The Shoe; had to do a double-take to make sure it was him. Joe always puts on a great race that pleases everyone.

  2. Scott

    I love Bandera and can't wait to talk to and see all of those guys out there. I wish I was running it again this year, but, I get to work it, so that will be awesomer!

    1. Ben Nephew

      It just happens that this year all the races are in Europe. Most of the races have been held in Asia in the recent past, but they are usually in Europe. The WMRC has been in Alaska, and there will be a bid to host it at Cranmore in NH for 2015. The local organizing committees are required to present very comprehensive bids. I think the WMRC hosts will have to show they have 250k in funding, but that is the largest of the races. Even with the smaller races, I really don't know how they pay for everything.

      The WMRA long distance race is the smallest race on the list, and it was at Pike's last year.

      1. Tony Mollica

        Thanks Byron! That makes perfect sense. I should have read farther down.

        Personally I am bummed because I wanted to do the Cleveland race in September, and won't be recovered enough from another race in May. The Cleveland race is wonderful with it's small loops. Back-of-the-packers like myself actually get to run with the elite! I would prefer a softer surface instead of the asphalt, but I'll take it.

    1. Rob Youngren

      It's all about what events apply/petition for USATF championship status. Thus if an event is in September wins the bid and is given the USATF championship status then the championship will be in September, likewise if the event is in May, etc…

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