2012 Transvulcania Ultramarathon Results

TransvulcaniaThe 2012 Transvulcania Ultramarathon, the first in the Ultra SkyMarathon Series, is now complete! Below you’ll find results from Saturday’s 83.3-kilometer jaunt over and around the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, as well as the island’s notorious volcano.

In the men’s race, practically the whole field led at the first checkpoint, the little village of Los Canarios on the southern end of La Palma. In reality, Dakota Jones came first through that initial checkpoint, setting the stage for what would be a world-class performance. In the rest of the race, Dakota was either the leader or within spitting distance of him. By 60 kilometers, it was a race of three men: Dakota Jones (post-race interview, race report), Andy Symonds, and Kilian Jornet. Over a 20-kilometer, 2,400-meter descent, Dakota and Andy put two minutes on Kilian, which they continued to increase over the remainder of the 83.3-kilometer course. In the end, Dakota bested Andy by just over a minute, with Kilian crossing and collapsing into the finish line and medical care about nine minutes later. All’s well that ends well, though, because Kilian now says he’s just fine.

Dakota Jones on his way to winning the 2012 Transvulcania Ultramarathon (Ian Corless/Talk Ultra photo credit)

Andy Symonds on the Transvulcania course (Ian Corless/Talk Ultra photo credit)

Kilian turns to a cheering crowd at the Transvulcania finish line (Meghan Hicks/iRunFar.com photo credit)

In the women’s race, it wasn’t a race for first place. Young and eager gunner Anna Frost (post-race video interview) led the race from line to line, running in her quintessential aggressive style. At each checkpoint, Anna slowly, surely, and commandingly grew that lead so that, when she crossed the finish line, she broke the previous course record by more than 1 hour and 45 minutes! Mid-race reports indicated that Anna had her own, personal ups and downs. If the verticality of La Palma and its volcano are any indication, that’s probably the nature of the Transvulcania Ultramarathon beast. Nuria Picas also ran strong throughout the day. By the 26.8-kilometer checkpoint, she slipped into second place, a position she’d hold without contention to the finish. Third place Nikki Kimball started her day conservatively, then moved steadily through the field. When she passed through the 77-kilometer checkpoint, she had sprouted an eight-minute lead over any other challenger.

Nuria Picas, Anna Frost, and Nikki Kimball make the women’s podium (Salomon Running photo credit)

The top three ladies know how to celebrate (Marcus Warner/Ultra168 photo credit)

2012 Transvulcania Men’s Results

  1. Dakota Jones (Montrail) – 6:59:07 (Course Record – Old Course Record: 7:32:12, Miguel Heras, 2011) (post-race interview, race report)
  2. Andy Symonds (Salomon) – 7:00:34 (race report – English, French)
  3. Kilian Jornet (Salomon) – 7:09:53 (post-race video interview)
  4. Francois D’Haene (Salomon) – 7:23:40
  5. Iker Karrera (Salomon) – 7:38:58
  6. Erik Clavery (Asics) – 7:46:51
  7. Jordi Ginesta – 7:48:28
  8. Thomas Lorblanchet (Salomon) – 8:02:27
  9. Giuliano Cavallo – 8:03:36
  10. Rickey Gates (Salomon) – 8:04:24 (race report) [article removed]

Other notables:

12. Joe Grant (Arc’teryx) – 8:10:25
14. Mike Wolfe (The North Face) – 8:14:59
16. Ian Sharman (The North Face) – 8:20:54 (race report)
17. Gustavo Reyes (Salomon) – 8:21:52
46. Csaba Nemeth – 9:33:24
DNS. Anton Krupicka (New Balance)
DNS. Miguel Heras (Salomon)
DNF. Geoff Roes (Montrail)
DNF. Sebastien Chaigneau (The North Face)

Full results

2012 Transvulcania Women’s Results

  1. Anna Frost (Salomon) – 8:11:30 (Course Record – Old Course Record: 10:00:03, Mónica Aguilera, 2011) (post-race video interview, race report)
  2. Nuria Picas – 8:51:59
  3. Nikki Kimball (The North Face) – 9:10:00
  4. Darcy Africa (Pearl Izumi) – 9:17:35
  5. Uxue Azpeitia – 9:21:11
  6. Maud Gobert (Adidas) – 9:54:40
  7. Leire Iruretagoyena – 10:05:45
  8. Judit Alvarez – 10:11:17
  9. Teresa Perez – 10:17:05
  10. Andrea Calmbach (Salomon) – 10:37:03

Other notables:

DNF. Julia Bottger (Salomon)
DNF. Kasia Zajac (Salomon)
DNF. Corrine Favre (Salomon)
DNF. Regine Enenkel (Salomon)
DNF. Monica Aguilera (Salomon)

Full results

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Meghan Hicks

is the Managing Editor of iRunFar and the author of 'Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running.' The converted road runner finished her first trail ultramarathon in 2006 and loves using running to visit the world's wildest places.

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  1. Davide

    Superbe performance by Dakota, this year it seems like he really got it wired.

    But I'm also proud of Giuliano finally breaking top ten in a world class scenario! Well done.

  2. Tony Mollica

    Great race! Congratulations to Dakota and Anna for setting course records and winning! Congratulations to Andy for running such a close race. To run that fast and beat Killian is an awesome accomplishment!

    Congratulations to all the runners who ran hard!

  3. Dean G

    I can't wait to hear what Dakota has to say about this one… I know he is the master of the laconic quote… But to win a race that tight… and come roaring home in front of a massive screaming crowd. That is a moment he will never forget.

  4. manu

    A new race that proves the young generation has taken the lead of the ultra trail running ! From the four first arrivants Andy is the older and is only 31 years ! Incredible.

  5. David T

    Yeah Dakota!!! What a performance! I hope Dakota, Andy and Kilian meet again later in the season after Kilian has had time to train for running. However, I think I would still bet on Dakota.

  6. Michael Whitenton

    Oh my gosh, Meghan and Bryon! Y'all are ridiculously awesome for all the coverage today and every other day. iRunFar is the shiz! So appreciative for all your hard work.

    And Dakota!!!! You crushed, bro! Awesome.

      1. Bryon Powell

        Yeah, stomach problems… and them more stomach problems on the ridiculous drive to the finish. Most nauseating roads I've ever been on! Also, some of the most pretty. Never devoid of a killer view.

  7. Billy Simpson

    Pretty cool to be sitting in Memphis, TN and get live coverage of a race in the Canary Islands. Thanks for the awesome coverage.

    Congrats Dakota Jones…..buying you a cold one in Silverton.

  8. Jeff Faulkner

    Holy crap! It must have been amazing to be there… Way to go Dakota and Anna! And all the other finishers, too.

  9. Mark


    Way to bring home the Gold.. Hollywood Jones. Must have been the cool shades:)

    Thanks for the great coverage. Riviting

  10. Brett

    So will Dakota get his own clothing line like Kilian now, a global following, pacers that change his underpants for him, and so on?

    I can't wait to see the post-race interview.

    "I ran a lot, and then I won."

  11. Tom

    All runners must carry MANDATORY SAFETY EQUIPMENT, which can be checked at the start, finish or at any point of the race. This should consist of: hydration system (type camelback or waist belt with the minimum capacity of 1 litre) headlamp, red light for back position, thermal blanket, and a mobile phone with the number provided at the registration, although this may only be used in case of emergency, withdrawal or rescue. Those athletes that do not carry the mandatory safety equipment, can not continue with the race and will be disqualified.

    I noticed in photos from the course and at the finish that Kilian was not carrying any equipment.

    1. Dean G


      There was a waiver for hydration and a few other items. It was on their website. And Meghan posted the full instructions last night too.

      Kilian was legal… But paid a hefty price anyway I'd say.

  12. Matt

    Yes, great job on the coverage.

    All these guys (and gals) are warriors. The running on the descents must have been breathtaking.

  13. thomas

    A new star is born, such an awesome performance from Dakota, after his last 50 mile race win some weeks ago, I knew this guy will chance the future in ultra trail running, from now, kilian will have respect in any race where dakota is at the starting line, more excitement, great. I am looking forward to the WS 100, hardrock, utmb. Kilian will try to get his revenge. These two guys have such a remarkable talent, its unbeleavable.


  14. Russell

    Awesome coverage iRunFar. But Bryon, why does your tweet say Dakota's surprise win? Surely he was one of the favourites.

    Although in this case I think Kilian pulled a 2010 WS100… where he wasn't prepared enough for the heat. Owing this one, no doubt, to his extremely short snow to heat transistion period. Otherwise I can't imagine him losing a race in final 10k.

    1. David T

      No doubt tough to go from playing in the snow (he literaly went on a multiday ski mountaineering trip last week) to running in over 80 degree. Dakota and Frosty take home the wins and the most impressive performances. But I am also hugely impressed with Kilian's performance. Going well under the old record with basically no event (running) specific training and doing it after dwelling at the tops of the freezing alps? Huge!

      He never ceases to amaze. Should be a great season.

  15. Terry Miller

    Great and not surprising performance from Dakota. Since he focused more thoroughly on running this year, it stands to reason he'd exceed his already outstanding performances.

    My question is, why isn't everyone talking about how American runners are (shockingly?!) actually competitive in a race like that? After UTMB last year everyone was talking about how the Euro runners have such a huge advantage. I know this wasn't 100 miles, but I think it shows it's still about the runner. Dakota doesn't exactly have the same support that Killian does.

    Speaking of Killian, that guy does amazing for someone who has no clue how to hydrate during a race! Someone should buy him RFP or something ;-) That's 2 big races I know of where it looks like it would have helped him

  16. Bryon Powell

    I suppose I used surprise along the same lines as I'd use "upset." Kilian was the overwhelming favorite yesterday, so Dakota's win was a "surprise" even if Dakota would have been considered one of the favorites.

  17. Alex from New Haven

    Love that Dakota's getting the Eye of the Tiger. It's going to help everybody step up their game.

    Kilian's performance is staggering if you think about it. Off Alpine ski training he was able to lead one of the deepest ever fields on a blazing hot VOLCANIC ISLAND for 45 miles with an absolutely TERRIBLE hydration plan. The talent is bonkers.

    Honestly, I'm afraid that one of, or an accumulation of, these hot-weather blow-ups is going to fry Kilian's kidneys. I think there's a real chance he'll have to quit racing at 28 or just be a shell of himself. Salomon needs to be thinking about his health and future, not just cashing in on his Quests.

  18. Alex

    This is a video shot at the finish line. The quality isn't the best, but you get a slightly better view than any others I could find. Dakota's "walk backwards slowly across the tape" finish is fun. [broken link removed]

    1. dogrunner

      Right. Not to be forgotten with all understandable Dakota and Kilian buzz. All class performances by the top finishers. Very exciting race.

  19. Aaron Harrell

    Just an observation: As I was clicking on iRunFar's pictures on Twitter, it occurred to me that I was uncomfortable with the pictures. Maybe too much coverage of private time for my taste, a little too like celebrity news coverage (i.e. the picture of several runners smoking cigars). It's a fine line to walk, and I think that you guys maybe fell on the wrong side for me this time. Race coverage has been awesome though.

  20. Russell

    Ultra running is about a lot more than just racing, form and split times. The before and after are just as important. Just ask any of the runners.

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