2011 Miwok 100k Preview

Miwok 100k guyFor years, the Miwok 100k has been one of if not the top trail 100k in the US and it looks to be no different this year. Both the men’s and women’s fields will be stiff. Thank goodness there are 62 miles of the Marin Headlands’ hilly trails to sort out these lists of champions. I’m not sure what I can say that some excellent prognosticators haven’t already said, but here are some thoughts.

On the men’s side, I think you’ve got to make Dave Mackey the favorite. He’ll surely be pushed by Dakota Jones, Hal Koerner, and Mike Wolfe along the way. Geoff Roes and Anton Krupicka are both on the entrants list, but don’t look for them in the results. Roes destroyed yet another 100 miler last weekend (that makes it 8 wins in 8 100-mile races), while Anton isn’t racing until he’s healthy and fit. Bolstering the men’s field in Geoff’s and Anton’s absences are Tim Olson, Nathan Yanko, Scott Jaime, Ian Sharman (pre-race thoughts – he’s using it as a Comrades training run), Yassine Diboun, Phil Kochik, Dan Olmstead, Aaron Heidt, Adam Campbell, Victor Ballasteros, Jason Hill, and a host of others.

With no disrespect to the other ladies, I’m calling this year’s Miwok a two women race between Krissy Moehl and Meghan Arbogast. I refuse to pick one for the win as I’m not sure how either runner’s training is going. (Anyone got the inside scoop?) Amy Sproston, Helen Cospolich, Suzanna Bon, and Pam Smith should vie for the remainder of the podium spots. Gretchen Brugman, Darla Askew, and Tracy Dimino will also look to make strong performances.

As is usual for a big race, Karl Meltzer has posted a great set of odds for Miwok 2011. Dakota Jones has also shared his thoughts on the race, as well as placing the race in the context of the Montrail Ultra Cup, on the Montrail blog.

Call for Comments
Who do you think will win Miwok? Who are the dark horses? Do you wish you were going to be out there, too… or will you be?!

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  1. ScottTomKretz

    I'm liking Tim Olson this weekend. He's had some impressive results dating back to last August and has started strong this year. I think he's bound to really kill it against a stacked field sooner or later, and this could be the time.

    Also curious to see how Sharman reacts to trying to use this as a training run with such an impressive field. Might his competitve juices take over?

    Additionally, I think Dominic Grossman could be a player in this one as well…just to throw some spice into the convo.

  2. Gary Robbins

    Lisa Polizzi is a training partner and when fit is right up there with the best of em. She recently took some time away to pop out three kids (twins) and is just getting back into form. Her only other triple digit km distance race was the 125km Canadian Death Race in which she smashed the then woman's CR before Ellie put her stamp on things last summer.

    Lisa will be up there, and with a bit more time back on her feet should be right near the front. I'm excited to see how she does tomorrow!


  3. Speedgoatkarl

    Hey Gary, 125k isn't triple digit distance. :-) At least for us Gringos! It'll be great to have you back in the mix soon. I'll be up in Vancouver on June 2, you should come run with us.

    1. Bryon Powell

      Well, there were a bunch of results type posts around and I didn't have time to get a timely more in-depth article posted… so I'm afraid it's a no go on Miwok results.

      It is, however, good to know that folks would be interested in results here on iRunFar. Would something quite basic suffice or are folks only interested in full on reports with quotes and such? I've always shied away from the former.

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