iRunFar Gear Closet Cleanout

As you probably know by now, iRunFar is going through some major changes at the moment. As part of the changes, we need to unload some of our gear – both new and old. Who better to give it to then’s readers. If you are interested in an item, leave a comment noting the item(s) in which you are interested as well as your name and home town (US and Canada only), so we can identify the winners. We’ll draw the winners first thing Wednesday morning (June 10), so be sure to leave a comment before then. [6/10 Update: Entries now closed] If you enter, please check back on Wednesday and, if you win an item, send us your address ASAP, so we don’t have to drive your winnings clear across two countries. Keep reading to see what’s available.

Shoes (all men’s size 9)

  • Teva Control X-1 – (low mileage – close to new)
  • Inov-8 Roclite 320 – (low mileage – close to new)
  • Montrail Highlander – (low-to-moderate mileage)


  • Camelback Blowfish w/o bladder (used) [Note that all used gear is in good to almost new condition]
  • The North Face Thresher hydration pack without bladder (used)
  • Nathan Booster Belt (new)
  • Spenco PolySorb Walker/Runner insoles (new)
  • Spenco PolySorb Total Support insoles (new)


  • END Footwear – dark green organic cotton T in men’s medium (new)
  • Bull Run Run 50 mile white Asics technical T in men’s medium (new)
  • BELA-Olhoa’s entertaining sardine T (bright green) by American Apparel in men’s medium (new)
  • Way Too Cool blue sweatshirt in men’s medium (new)


  • First Endurance Grape EFS – 10 servings (never been opened)
  • Gu Energy Gel – 3 pack of Strawberry Banana (thankfully, new :-) )

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  1. Will Thomas

    Any of the shoes or hydration packs would be great! Yippee for size 9! This is better then running across a trail runner's garage sale!Will ThomasFall City, WA

  2. Anonymous

    I can think of several locations where migrant workers, working for far less than scale, could easily use your gear. It's not as if your ultrarunning fans NEED, or can't afford, anything you have to offer, whereas illegal aliens surely would benefit from your largesse.

  3. Bryon Powell

    Anonymous,I'll have to disagree with you for the most part. (There may be a few items that would be just as useful to the immigrants.) I believe that an item should first be used at it's highest possible use. For many trail running items, the situation in which they are most useful is while trail running. Many of the items can be used for other purposes after the trail running useful life is exceeded, such as wearing trail shoes around town, in a field, or in the yard. Please know that I've only placed a small percentage of the items I'm getting rid of during my move on this list. I took well over 100 clothing items to Goodwill in the past few weeks and donated 8-10 of running shoes to Soles for Soles. While I understand and appreciate your sentiment, I think it could have been expressed a bit less confrontationally or at least expressed directly to me.Oh, and for the record, not all trail runners are wealthy. Some are unemployed and many work hard for low incomes… though, admittedly above scale. While I suppose you're right that they might not NEED a hydration pack or trail shoes, they aren't particularly indulgent equipment for the sport.

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