The North Face Endurance Challenge Championships Contest

The North Face Endurance Challenge 2010 Logo[Note: This contest is now closed. Winners were announced here.]

We’re teaming up with The North Face to provide a lucky winner with free entry into his or her choice of any The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship weekend race (December 4-5 in San Francisco’s Marin Headlands), a full Better Than Naked running outfit, and a pair of TNF Single-Track shoes. All you have to do to enter is to let us know why you’d like to run one of the TNF EC championship races.*

The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship Weekend
This year, each of the five TNF Endurance Challenge locations features a full weekend’s worth of exciting trail racing. For the fourth straight year, the 50-mile championship race headlines the showcase of races. Run on Saturday, December 4, the 50-mile race through the Marin Headlands will feature what could be the US’s best ultrarunning field of the year. Up for grabs is $30,000 in prize money with $10,000/$4,000/$1,000 going to both the top three men and top three women. Oh, and there are big bragging rights on the line as most competitors head into an off-season.

If you don’t want to run the 50-mile championship race, but still want to challenge yourself on Marin Headlands trails that weekend, there are a ton of other trail race options. On Saturday, December 4, The North Face will also host a 50k, a marathon, a marathon relay, and a kid’s run. For those hoping to wrap up their season with a shorter race, there will be a half marathon, a 10k, a 5k and another kid’s run on Sunday, December 5. After covering the 50- mile race on Saturday, iRunFar’s Bryon Powell will be running one of Sunday’s shorter races.

As noted above, the winner of this contest gets a free entry into whichever race he or she wants to run. (Travel and lodging are up to the winner.)

Better Than Naked Apparel

The North Face Better Than Naked men's crew

The North Face's forthcoming Better Than Naked men's crew.

Next spring, The North Face will be launching a line of Better Than Naked performance running apparel. The line features super lightweight breathable and weather-resistant materials… that make it better than running naked. While the human body also lacks reflective features, each piece in the Better Than Naked line makes up for this evolutionary deficiency.

When released, there will be three Better Than Naked items available for both men and women: a jacket, crew shirt, and short. The winner of this contest will receive a full his or hers set that includes a Better Than Naked jacket, crew, and short well before they’re available to the public! (Note that the line will also include a women’s Better Than Naked singlet.)

TNF Single-Track Shoes
As clothes can enhance the running experience, so too can shoes. Thankfully, The North Face is rounding out the winner’s kit with a pair of the company’s award-winning Single-Track shoes. As a team of iRunFar reviewers has previously put this hybrid trail runner to the test, we’ll direct you to our The North Face Single-Track review.

Full Rules

To be eligible to win this huge prize package, you need not write a huge essay on why you’d like to run one of the The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship weekend races. A short note will do. The winner will be drawn at random. Entry is open to anyone anywhere! Be sure to leave your name and town. The contest will close Friday, October 15th at 5 p.m. PDT. We’ll announce the winner along with all the other One Miillionth Pageview contest winners on Monday, October 18th.

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  1. Thomas

    I live in the East Coast. Running in the Marin Headland in Dec just sounds a lot better than running in the East Coast. I've done 3 of the North Face Endurance 50 milers and they're well organized races. I highly recommend them.

  2. Rod

    I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend! Hanging with family and friends in the Bay area, free entry into an awesome race, free shoes, free clothes…

    Awesome Contest!


    Grass Valley, CA

  3. Sean Mc

    I'm looking to run my first ultra! Grew up in Northern California and would love for my first ultra distance race to be there where my family can join me in the celebration (hopefully there will be something worth celebrating :) )

    Sean Mc.

    Los Angeles, CA

  4. Chris Talley

    I just started venturing off the road and onto trails and would love to run in one of the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship races.



    Morgan Hill, CA

  5. Ken

    Theoretically a resident of the lovely San Francisco Bay Area, over the last two years I've spent a total of 3 measley months at home. Why? Because I keep getting sent overseas for work.

    While that may sound glamorous, consider my latest (and current) location is "The Midlands" of England. For those in the know (and I don't know why you'd want to know about this location), this includes food that is basically coronary heart disease on a plate. When I go for a run, people look at me like I'm crazy. And since runners are few and far between, I have been lucky enough to have been chased by several dogs to include a greyhound that tore into my side and gave me some lovely scars.

    I return to my home in the Bay Area on November 18th. After moving back into my house for the SIXTH TIME, what better way to celebrate a return to the US than a 50 mile run in the beautiful headlands? I realize that a race held in December in California will likely involve rain. I'll be ready: it rains in England every freakin' day.

  6. Henry Bickerstaff

    The North Face Endurance Challenge Championships sounds like a perfect way to end the year and to test myself after Mother Road III 100 miler. However, I can do neither as I will be at the ortho's office in the morning to see if I am a candidate for orthotripsy to remove bone spurs in my heel. You know you need to do some thing when you DNF a 5K due to pain. Irrespective of not being able to run I would like to enter the contest just for the great gear.

    Henry Bickerstaff

    Alva, OK

  7. Dave A

    I need a great excuse to get out of town on my birthday (Dec 4th) and end a crappy year of recovering from injuries with a great race in a great city with great people!

    Dave A

    Seattle, WA

  8. Jorge Fernandez

    It will be a great excuse to do my first ultra and my first visit to San Francisco!!

    I am feeling lucky!! ..i need to step up training…

  9. Jimena

    Hello…please consider me for the contest. I love running. I love ultras.

    And I desperatley need new running clothes. I live in NY and I am heading out to SF for this race because last year I did it and I finished but I really suffered through it. This year I am much more prepared and I want to redeem myself and get through the 50 miles smiling. I promise if you pick me…I will start and finish race with the BIGGEST smile!


    New York, NY

  10. Dylan Beadle

    It would be great to run the NF50 in the Marin Headlands because a few friends are running it – would be great to join them! I also hear the views are fantastic…

    Dylan B.

    Aliso Viejo, CA

  11. Nathan Jackson

    This would be a good way to use some of the carbos I will begin loading a couple Thursdays prior.

    Nathan Jackson

    Eau Claire, WI

  12. Ferrall D.

    I am an avid trail runner and have been for years – and am just getting into running longer ultra distances – my first 50K a year ago and I loved it! What an incredible opportunity it would be to run in Northern California and to wear gear named 'better than naked":-) A nice change from my beloved running trails in the Metro D.C. area…love your blog by the way.

    Ferrall D.

    Chevy Chase, MD

  13. PNW Chris

    I would like to win an entry into the TNF races so I can get up front, run my fastest for the fist 50 feet, thereby earning the bragging rights of having led the pack in the first leg of the TNF championship. Sick.

    Chris Thomas

    Tacoma, WA

  14. Ted Nunes

    …. 10,000 ft of climbing in 50 miles instead of 10,000ft in 62 miles would be interesting… I'd like to, at sometime, experience the excitement at the 50 mile Trail Championship.

    Ted Nunes

  15. dogpaddle

    After running two 50km trail races and a marathon trail race, it is time to move up to a 50 Miler. The North Face Endurance Challenge sounds like a great challenge to me. Just put the sticker on my canopy window up here in Canada, and I have had a ton of people ask me about it. I tell them to check out the website. Keep up the awesome site!!!


  16. Natural1

    I won the masters division of the North Face 50K at Bear Mountain, NY this spring and would love a shot a taking on the 'best of the west' at the Marin Highlands. After the JFK 50 in November, I'll be primed for a fast 50 miler in CA. TNF and GoreTex put on a great event, so getting a chance to participate in another event would rock! Thanks for the site, the great content and the awesome contests!!


    Chatham, NY

  17. Nicole S

    I've done TNF 50 mile in the past, but I'm just coming off of a stubborn injury, so my first race back would likely be a shorter distance. It's nice that there are several distances to choose from. I am also a huge lover of running clothes from the North Face – I have a North Face running shirt for each day of the week.

    Nicole S

    Seattle, WA

  18. George

    After having a fantastic experience running my first 50k last year, I've been considering a 50-miler for awhile but have been a bit hesitant to try that distance. A beautiful course, competitive field, and free entry should do the trick!


    Berkeley, CA

  19. patrick

    I want to run the race to celebrate the end of my methadone treatment program for addiction to oxycontin. that addiction was one of the worst things that has ever happened to me and without the insane amount of running i've been doing this past summer/fall, i would not have been able to kick it. that drug was so horrible and the effects it had on my life and family is irrevocable, but now as i emerge from the experience…it has left me with a deep and profound appreciation for health, for my body and a renewed love for running that borders on spiritual. i ran my first 50 miler two weekends ago (run woodstock) and placed 7th! at the end of november i'll have finally tapered off the methadone and to run the NF 50 would be the most amazing way to mark the end of the most difficult period in my life and the beginning of what i hope will be a new and beautiful chapter! to anyone else out there who has suffered under a drug addiction and pulled through it, i wish you only the best! you're incredible to me!

    thanks for a great website that continues to inspire me and to help in this long road to recovery (longer, i might add, than any race i've ever run hahaha!)

    only peace,

    patrick thurber

    la salle, mi

    1. patrick

      whoa, upon re-reading this in the morning…hahaha! a little too weepy for my liking, but what the hell?

      "drugs drool. running rules." that's all i really meant to write. i'm gonna go run now and get my dumb ass off of this internet.

  20. Adam Fitzgerald

    I can't make it race weekend but if you have any extra BTN clothes or shoes on hand, I would be glad to take them off your hands :)

    Adam Fitzgerald

    Mt. Pleasant SC

  21. Travis Truman

    I'm a huge North Face fan and would love the opportunity to experience the Marin trails for the first time.

    Travis Truman

    Lansdowne, PA

  22. Edward

    I would love to run either the 50-miler or the 50k. I had to pull out injured from a 50k yesterday (my first DNF ever), and I'm ready to redeem myself! I've been looking for an excuse to hit the Bay Area, too…

  23. Deva

    My first ultra was the Skyline 50K, and my first trail marathon started on Stinson Beach. I love the trails, the people, the views, the everything about that area of the country (except the traffic). My fingers are crossed…

    Cave Creek, AZ

    1. megatomic

      I did aid station work all day long (Gravel Pit/Rockpile/Lift House 5) and then paced a buddy all night long. I had so much fun that I'm signing up for the 50 miler next year. I have to say that you looked great all day/night long.

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