Short Film “Relentless” Chronicles Amanda Basham’s Return to Ultrarunning as a New Mom

Ultrarunner Amanda Basham is no stranger to tasks that require feats of almost superhuman endurance.

Basham has multiple podium finishes to her name including second place at both the 2019 CCC and 2018 Tarawera Ultramarathon 100k.

The recently released short film “Relentless” seems at first to chronicle Basham’s elite pursuits in the world of ultrarunning, but it also takes a deeper dive into another test of Basham’s endurance — motherhood.

Basham’s opening line in the film sums up her experience: “Having a kid is like the ultra that never ends.”

The 25-minute video, filmed and produced by Derrick Lytle of The Juniper Lab, follows Basham’s journey back to competitive ultrarunning after the birth of her daughter, Rylan. Along the way, Basham takes an honest look at the ups and downs of parenthood, pointing out some poignant — and funny — comparisons between running ultras and having a baby.

From her training in Boulder, Colorado, to her first race back post-pregnancy at the 2021 Speedgoat 50k, the film takes an inside look at Basham’s return to the 2021 CCC — diving into her mental processes and exploring some of the challenges she navigated while training and being a new parent.

With the support of her partner, Justin Grunewald, Basham details how, after the birth of Rylan, she dealt with shifting priorities, discovered newfound enjoyment in the sport, and came to believe that “mom power” makes her a better runner.

Without spoiling the ending, let’s just say that these are life lessons Basham was able to draw from during her 2021 race in Chamonix, France — lessons that she’ll likely take with her for her future running endeavors.