Easy Ways to Support iRunFar.com!

With the holidays quickly approaching and holiday shopping season already here, we thought it was a good time for a short and simple reminder – you can easily provide iRunFar with financial support without it costing you a thing.

How can you do this? By making your Amazon.com or Backcountry.com purchases via the respective company’s link in this post or in iRunFar.com’s sidebar.

Again, you won’t pay a penny more, but your purchase will help support iRunFar. You see, we receive a small commission on any purchase made through these stores’ links on our website no matter what the product is… so long as you get to Amazon or Backcountry by way of an iRunFar link. Please know that your support will help keep iRunFar.com… running. That’s it. Have a great day!

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  1. Jeff F

    Thanks for the reminder Bryon. I've never shopped at Backcountry but I've bought plenty from Amazon, and likely again will in the near future. Oh and people shouldn't forget to check out the sampling of gear that iRunFar sells directly…

  2. Bryon Powell

    Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the support. Even small purchase you make at Backcountry or Amazon add up. Together they cover our internet and web hosting bills most months.

    Thanks for your reminder, Jeff F. As much as the Amazon and BC.com deals add up, buying even one from the iRunFar store can provide up to the equivalent of two weeks income from purchases on those other sites.

  3. Stuart McBeath

    Hi Bryon

    Just wondering if amazon.co.uk gave you money too? I navigated to amazon.com through your site then clicked on the link for amazon.co.uk from the amazon.com homepage.

    I just made an order so if you get money for it let me know and I'll keep buying stuff from them clicking the link from your site first .



    1. Bryon Powell

      Hi Stuart,
      Thanks for your try at this. I'm not sure whether UK purchases work the same way. I don't get any personally identifying info re Amazon affiliate purchases, so you'd have to let me know what you bought for me to know if it counted. :-)

      1. Stu

        No bother and these are Christmas presents honest, haha!

        L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci Duo Pack Travel Sprays

        and CD:

        "The Cold Embrace Of Fear"

        Rhapsody Of Fire;


  4. KenZ

    Hey Bryon,

    Used the link today, but since there's no indicator in the Amazon URL that it's linked to irunfar, am I to be sure that it's working? And, if it is, second question: if I'm on Amazon.com from your site, and then I see something and open it in a new page (thus it's sort of a link from Amazon, even though it's still a leader from your site), does it still work? Just bought some stuff that way and curious if it worked. One item to check on is MP3 album download of Dierks Bentley's Greatest Hits (for some delusional reason I seem to like running to country music. Go figure.)



    1. Bryon Powell

      There's no affirmative sign on Amazon that you've come through on a given link. You just have to trust it. We received credit for you're DB purchase yesterday. Thanks! Also, if you arrive at Amazon.com, you can browse about Amazon all you want and iRunFar still gets the credit. Actually, you can leave Amazon and come back anytime with 24 hours of when you clicked through iRF (so far as you didn't click through to Amazon from another affiliate… typing in Amazon.com, using a bookmark, or using a search engine to get there are all fine), we get credit. Thanks again.

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