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Angela Kuzior Inspires in a Film About Surviving Breast Cancer and Running 100 Miles

Filmmaker Ethan Newberry and ultrarunner Angela Kuzior share the story of Angela’s journey through cancer with running.

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When ultrarunner Angela Kuzior was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, she turned to running to help establish a sense of normalcy in her life, which for the next 14 months, would be consumed by cancer treatment. From chemotherapy to radiation to surgery, Kuzior kept running through it all, often shocking her doctors with her perseverance.

When she received her cancer diagnosis, Kuzior was 39 years old and had recently completed her first ultramarathon, the Chuckanut 50k. By that time, she was already a lifelong runner who had been in love with the sport for nearly 25 years.

Behind The Run: Angela Kuzior, a short film by Ethan Newberry aka The Ginger Runner, follows Kuzior through the next chapter in her running journey — her attempt to complete the 2021 Cascade Crest 100 Mile.

Angela Kuzior - Cancer and Cascade Crest 100

Angela Kuzior running the 2021 Cascade Crest 100 Mile. Photo: Ethan Newberry

Kuzior describes the Cascade Crest 100 Mile as an “epic adventure race.” With over 23,000 feet of elevation gain on a route winding through stunning scenery in the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington state, the course dishes up plenty of challenges.

But, as Kuzior explains in the film, she believes you should do hard things because you can. The now-45-year-old ultrarunner succinctly sums up how her battle with cancer shaped her new life philosophy in two words: don’t wait.

“I really started looking at my mortality as a 39-year-old person. What overtook those thoughts was, What if this is my last chance? What if this is the last time I get to try to do a marathon or anything like that? I didn’t want to take anything for granted in my life anymore,” Kuzior says in the film.

As the Cascade Crest 100 Mile unfolds, Kuzior’s positive attitude and radiant smile are on full display at every aid station — even as the miles get harder and the final cutoff time gets tighter.

While the short film is about Kuzior’s 100-mile race, it’s also about the much harder journey she made to reach the starting line — as a cancer survivor, runner, mother, and all-around badass. Don’t wait — give it a watch and get inspired.

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