2022 Bandera 100k Results: Hogan and Rea Run Away With the Wins

Marianne Hogan and Jonathan Rea took home the top spots at the 2022 Bandera 100k. Read on for more.

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The 2022 Bandera 100k kicked off Saturday morning, January 8. As the weather shaped up to be humid and wet, participants lined up for two laps of a grueling 50k loop through the Hill Country State Natural Area in Texas.

The race touts the rugged terrain as a place where “everything cuts, stings, or bites,” and the event notably doesn’t cater to “whiners, wimps, or wusses.” Between the many short, steep hills and the rocky footing, the technical course offers runners little respite between the leg-burning ups and bomber downhill dashes.

This year’s 100k race also served as a 2022 Western States 100 Golden Ticket Race, earning automatic entry for the top-two male and female runners. On paper, both fields were deep, and both races turned out to be equally competitive, as runners eyed the coveted golden ticket slots.

Dmitry Korneev - 2022 Bandera 100k-2

Dmitry Korneev running through the 2022 Bandera 100k course in the Texas Hill Country. Korneev finished 59th place and 15th in his age group. Photo: Jesse Ellis/Let’s Wander Photography

2022 Bandera 100k Women’s Results

On the women’s side, Marianne Hogan took the race by storm and never looked back. Hogan blitzed through the halfway point with a time of 4:30:39, establishing a solid gap on Leah Yingling and Ellie Pell, who split the first loop in 4:41:23 and 4:41:33, respectively.

From there, the race was a one-woman show as Hogan easily navigated the second loop and held her lead, finishing in a time of 9:17:06, the third-fastest time ever run for the women on the course.

Behind Hogan, the race for the second Golden Ticket heated up during the second lap between Yingling and Pell, who were separated by only 10 seconds at the 50k. In the end, Pell claimed the runner-up slot and the Western States 100 Golden Ticket, finishing with a time of 9:49:12. Yingling held on for third place in 10:05:20. Meghan Morgan and Brianna Grigsby rounded out the top five for women.

Marianne Hogan - 2022 Bandera 100k-2

Marianne Hogan, 2022 Bandera 100k champion. Photo: Jesse Ellis/Let’s Wander Photography

Women’s Top-Five Finishers

  1. Marianne Hogan — 9:17:06
  2. Ellie Pell 9:49:12
  3. Leah Yingling 10:05:20
  4. Meghan Morgan — 10:12:52
  5. Brianna Grigsby — 10:15:42

Full results.

2021 Bandera 100k Men’s Results

On the men’s side, Jonathan Rea and Tyler Fox ran to their Western States Golden Tickets by claiming the top two spots. Rea took the victory with a time of 8:10:00 and had a comfortable, though not large, lead over Fox who secured the runner-up spot in 8:14:53.

After the first loop, Fox was holding the lead, clocking in with a split of 3:55:35. He was followed into the halfway checkpoint by Adam Merry in second and Rea in third just under five minutes back. Behind Rea, the chase pack of about six to eight runners was strung out but still within striking distance of Fox.

But it was Rea who methodically closed the gap in the second half of the race to take the lead from Fox and top the podium. Joseph McConaughy moved up from fifth at the halfway point to finish third behind Fox with a time of 8:17:34. McConaughy, known as “Stringbean” in the thru-hiking world, narrowly missed a Golden Ticket.

Rod Farvard and Jimmy Elam also made moves during the second lap to pick up places, finishing fourth and fifth, respectively. And Merry unfortunately did not finish the race.

Jonathan Rea - 2022 Bandera 100k Men's Champion

Jonathan Rea, 2022 Bandera 100k champion. Photo: Jesse Ellis/Let’s Wander Photography

Men’s Top-Five Finishers

  1. Jonathan Rea — 8:10:00
  2. Tyler Fox — 8:14:53
  3. Joseph McConaughy — 8:17:34
  4. Rod Farvard — 8:28:39
  5. Jimmy Elam — 8:33:07

Full results.

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