2021 Tor des Géants Results: Franco Collé and Silvia Trigueros Win

Results from the 2021 Tor des Géants, won by Silvia Trigueros and Franco Collé.

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The 2021 Tor des Géants kicked off September 12 in Italy with participants looking to tackle the 330-kilometer (205-mile) route over the course of seven grueling days. Adding to the challenge, the event does not break the course up into designated stages — each runner must decide where and when to rest, refuel, and forge ahead during the race.

Touted as the first race of its kind to cover an entire region, the 2021 event took runners along the foot of 4,000-meter-high peaks in the Alps and through Gran Paradiso National Park and Mont Avic Regional Park. While the premier race is the 330k distance, the week also holds 30k, 130k, and 450k distances.

Touring through dozens of mountain villages, Alpine huts, and two national parks, the Tor des Géants tests runners’ endurance, as well as their ability to plan, fuel, and recover in their multi-day, nonstop endeavor.

Starting and finishing in the mountain town of Courmayeur, the loop course featured 24,000 meters (78,740 feet) of elevation gain. And while most competitors were looking to finish under the 150-hour cutoff, the front runners set an early pace that indicated they were chasing previous Tor des Géants records.

To learn more about the Tor des Géants, you can read the report written by iRunFar’s Meghan Hicks in 2014.

2021 Tor des Géants Women’s Results

For the women, course-record holder Silvia Trigueros (Spain) took the victory, claiming her third win of the event, having also won in 2018 and 2019. Though she didn’t best her prior course record time of 85:23 set in 2019, she did lead much of the race, finishing well ahead of runner-up Melissa Paganelli (Italy). Trigueros’s final time was 89 hours and 57 minutes. British runner Nicky Spinks took the third spot on the women’s podium.

  1. Silvia Trigueros (Spain) – 89:57
  2. Melissa Paganelli (Italy) – 93:35
  3. Nicky Spinks (U.K.) – 101:16
  4. Claire Bannwarth (France) – 104:51
  5. Patrizia Pensa (Italy) – 108:33

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2021 Tor des Géants Men’s Results

On the men’s side, Franco Collé (Italy) claimed the victory and the course record and, like Silvia Trigueros in the women’s race, became a three-time champion. Collé’s finishing time of 66 hours and 43 minutes lowered the previous course record of 67:52 set in 2017 by Javi Dominguez by over an hour.

Second-place finisher Jonas Russi (Switzerland) led Collé early on. The two were close — and sometimes traveling intentionally together — until the third and final night of the competition when Collé pulled ahead, ultimately putting over an hour-and-a-half gap on the Swiss runner.

The head-to-head battle was made all the more challenging due to the cold and wet weather during the race’s second half, with Collé crossing the finish line in the pouring rain. Petter Restorp (Sweden, lives in France) claimed the final podium spot to round out the top three.

  1. Franco Collé (Italy) – 66:43
  2. Jonas Russi (Switzerland) – 69:03
  3. Petter Restorp (Sweden, lives in France) – 76:36
  4. Luca Picinali (Italy) – 81:31
  5. Simone Corsini (Italy) – 82:45

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