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Summer 2019 iRunFar Fund Drive

Hi all,

Thanks for dropping by iRunFar on this exciting Western States 100 week. We’re so thankful to have Drymax, BUFF®, and Hoka One One supporting our coverage this week, and for all our brand partners that have supported iRunFar over the past year.

Reader support also helps make iRunFar happen. Because of you, we are able to have a great team of writers for our daily articles, cover a variety of races, upgrade our equipment, and dream of how to improve in the future. Last year, our Patreon supporters made it possible for us to purchase satellite equipment that we use at various Western States checkpoints. Three years ago, individual one-time donations allowed us to pick up a great DSLR camera. In the summer 2017, folks buying iRunFar gear made the difference between shutting down and striving onward.

It’s with all that in mind that we launch our semi-annual pledge drive. Consider this a quick reminder to think of how much iRunFar means to you as well as pointing out quick and easy ways to do something about it. So, how can you support iRunFar?

The best way to support iRunFar is to become a monthly iRunFar donor on Patreon.* Your monthly Patreon support offers us financial predictability, a great compliment to the highly variable support we receive from brands and one-time donations. Patreon allows us to breathe easier when we have a quiet advertising month on the horizon and it may allow us to expand iRunFar in the future. (Read more about Patreon and how your support there helps iRunFar in our Patreon launch article.) If you prefer, you can use PayPal to make monthly contributions to iRunFar, although we’re unable to offer some of the same bonus articles/chats there as we do on Patreon.

Of course, one-time donations are great, too! We get that you might love our Western States, Hardrock (in other years), or UTMB coverage and want to support those efforts. Awesome! Those events are our biggest annual expenses and your support allows us to expand our coverage team and resources.

Finally, you can also support us by purchasing iRunFar gear. We’ve still got some great iRunFar Drymax socks and an iRunFar BUFF® Original Multifunctional Headwear design. Since last year’s Western States, we’ve also added iRunFar Trucker Hats and new iRunFar Thermoball jackets from The North Face. Please know that purchasing this gear directly funds iRunFar’s operations.

All in all, because of reader and brand support, iRunFar is now on firmer footing. You help make that happen. Together, we all made that happen. Support us now so we can keep moving forward and plan for an even-brighter future!

Countless thanks,

Bryon Powell

is the Editor-in-Chief of, which he founded more than 10 years ago. Having spent more than 15 years as an ultrarunner and 25 years as a trail runner, he's also written Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons and co-wrote Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running. These days he calls Moab, Utah and its trails home.

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  • A proud iRF Patreon supporter. Thanks to you, Meghan, and the rest of the iRF team for what you guys do. Merry Statesmas!

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    • Sid,
      Thanks SO much for your long-time support of iRunFar!

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