iRunFar Salomon Sense Mantra Holiday Giveaway

Salomon Sense Mantra - Men's - Black/Green/Yellow

The Salomon Sense Mantra

We’ve already partnered with Strava to challenge you to get out and run over the holidays. Now, we’re partnering with Salomon to spread a little holiday cheer by giving away five pairs of the brand new Salomon Sense Mantra, the training model in their Sense line. [Update: Contest completed!] All you need to do to enter is leave a comment (before January 1 at 11:59 pm MST) letting us know how you’d use your Sense Mantra in 2013. Anyone can leave a comment, only US residents can win.

And the winners are… (MST time of comment included to avoid confusion)

  • Benj (12/24 6:09 am)
  • Jack (12/24 10:35 am)
  • Jacob (12/24 1:22 pm)
  • Pete (12/24 2:12 pm)
  • Jimbo (12/24 3:00 pm)

Ps. Whether or not you win the giveaway, you can be one of the first to have the Salomon Sense Mantra or the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra by picking them up now from the iRunFar Store.

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  1. Lisa Lease

    LOVE the shoes, especially the green color!

    I'm a newbie trail runner trying to build up my stamina and skills.

    These shoes would help and add that flash of color I love. :)

  2. caveman

    Hi! Thanks for the chance of winning these shoes! I would use the Salomon Sense to run through the muck and mud of Western Oregon, set a PR at the McDonald Forest 50k, finish the Low Spot Matteus Footthing, do some multi-day adventure runs, and finish the Plain 100!

  3. Ron McBee

    I'm 68, been running for 43 years and doing ultras for over 20. I'd love to own the Sense Ultra but can't afford it and I've never won anything in my life so this would be so special I'm sure the Mantra would lower my increasingly slow pace! Oooommmmmmm….

  4. Dan Tyree

    As part of a long run up to my first 50 miler and potentially 100k, I have been experimenting with lower drop road and trail shoes, with great results. Earlier this year I tried my first Salomon's, a pair of Missions that have become my all time favorite trail shoe. Adding the Sense Mantra to the mix will only help as I've got an epic 2013 planned.

  5. Patrick T.

    After earning my UTMB points in my first 100 miler last week, I am going to use my flashy Salomon kicks to run around Mont Blanc in 2013 with my buddy who lives in Spain and who I haven´t seen in about a year. After we finish UTMB (holding hands and crying) we´ll go out drinking and I will probably spill a little bit of bubble gum flavored vodka on my Salomon shoes. Thanks for this contest guys! Hope you had a great xmas and that you have a greater New Year! -Pat

  6. Rob A

    Me and some friends are 3 weeks into our training for a R2R2R attempt in April. I've loved Salomons in the past before moving onto more "minimal" shoes and have been looking forward to this shoe as it will hopefully deliver that same great Salomon quality, but in a lighter model.

  7. Justin

    I would place the Sense Mantra in a WWF cage match with the Saucony Peregrine. The victor would become my preferred shoe. The defeated would be banished from my sight into the land of everlasting mediocrity.

  8. Katie

    With my new Salomon Sense Mantras I would run up and down my personal mountains in North-East Washington, currently covered in snow. ( I am blessed by living in a literal one – horse town in a valley in the middle of nowhere. My closest trail that winds its way up the nearest mountain is a mere .3 miles from my front door.) I would then smoke my high school students – who insist that their teacher could never run faster than an 18 year old who does not run – at a 10K this spring. I plan to run the course backwards after I finish to count it as a training run. I would then tackle my first ultra in the Mantras in May, a 50 mile in the wet hills near the Puget Sound.

  9. Bobby Dixon-Kim

    if I were to ever win anything, which I dont, I would like to give away my old shoes to inner city oregon kids who need to get out and see how amazing running in the rain under the canopies of these trees can be. I would then put on my new shoes and live up to that bumper sticker that I have on my busted car, "I run far"

  10. Nathan Robinson

    I'm an American living in Japan and I would use them to kick around these mountains with wild abandon. I'm trying to qualify for UTMF next year!

  11. Dylan

    I would use these specifically for trail running in the Pacific Northwest; along with to help me run faster away from the Cougar's (Mountain Lion's) that live here…… the one I saw yesterday about 10 feet from me….

  12. Scott Casella

    I would use the Salomon Sense Mantra for trail running this winter and spring in parks around Rochester, NY and parts of the areas I travel for work all over the country. I have been running for years but I have started trail running a lot and really need a good pair of trail shoes to keep my off my butt and on my feet. I would love to write a review of my own on my blog.

  13. Scott S

    I'll wear them while training for the Copper Canyon 50! It would be perfect timing as my current shoes are about to kick the bucket.

  14. Adam S.

    I am about 2 months into my switch from the pounding of road running to soft trails. I haven't been able to buy a pair of trail shoes,so I have been doing a lot more slipping and sliding than running…I could really use a pair of shoes!!!

  15. Kate

    I would give these to my husband! All he wanted for Christmas was a pair of trail shoes, but our budget is tight and instead of sacrificing for himself, he bought for our family. He is training for his first ultra and just started trail running and I know he needs them!

  16. Alexander Nunn

    I would love to test the Mantras on the local HURT trails here on O'ahu, let them say Hello to wild pig, smell the strawberry-guavies that litter the trail, get a drink from Nu'u'anu stream and even let them say Hello to HURT's distant cousin -Peackock Flats trails on the North shore. Well, it would be the best holiday vacation the mantra could ever ask for and all on me!!!

  17. Matt

    The routine of everyday exploration of the trails in my own backyard of the Marin Headlands. These shoes don't need a special place or special run to experience. When you put them on that is enough of a reason for it to be a special run.

  18. Eduardo

    It's almost 10 years since I haven't been home….Lima, Peru. Finally 2013 it's the year I can visit my family and run locals trails in Pachacamac, Lurin, or lomas de Lachay. Two years ago my passion for running started and its only growing. Good thing I have my brother that shares my passion. So yea I will use to run on the small and Rocky Mountains in Lima, Peru.

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