iRunFar Salomon Sense Mantra Holiday Giveaway

Salomon Sense Mantra - Men's - Black/Green/Yellow

The Salomon Sense Mantra

We’ve already partnered with Strava to challenge you to get out and run over the holidays. Now, we’re partnering with Salomon to spread a little holiday cheer by giving away five pairs of the brand new Salomon Sense Mantra, the training model in their Sense line. [Update: Contest completed!] All you need to do to enter is leave a comment (before January 1 at 11:59 pm MST) letting us know how you’d use your Sense Mantra in 2013. Anyone can leave a comment, only US residents can win.

And the winners are… (MST time of comment included to avoid confusion)

  • Benj (12/24 6:09 am)
  • Jack (12/24 10:35 am)
  • Jacob (12/24 1:22 pm)
  • Pete (12/24 2:12 pm)
  • Jimbo (12/24 3:00 pm)

Ps. Whether or not you win the giveaway, you can be one of the first to have the Salomon Sense Mantra or the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra by picking them up now from the iRunFar Store.

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  1. Steve Lougee

    Missed alot of days this year, need alittle motivation for the next year. Maybe a switch from NB minimal to salomon would do it.

  2. pdc

    Santa did not bring me new shoes for christmas so I would wear these on my daily Appalachian trail runs. I love Salomon shoes on the pointy rocks!

  3. Jenny H

    I would use them to train better, lose some weight, and finally, finally be able to run 50 miles in the 24 hour race I have tried 3 times with no luck so far. :)

  4. nancy stedman

    What I would do with a new pair of Salomom Sense Mantras is simple – I would do more of my running on trails, and make it a point to expand my geographic reach! We have an excellent trail system here in Tallahassee, FL, both flat and hilly. However, after having done the JFK 50 this past November (to celebrate being 50), I am thinking it is an apt goal to keep going on trails beyond where I normally get to – I have some sections of the AT I would like to run aside from the limited areas I have done. I would also like to get out west… you never know what you can do until you try, even if you are over 50!!

  5. John jasper

    First i will smell them. Then i will let my wife smell my fancy new shoes. After that i will run in them…faster than i have ever run before. These will be the most expensive shoes ever put on my feet…therefore i will run as fast and as far as i have ever run.

  6. Jay

    These Awesome shoes will give me the opportunity to enjoy this thing we call life and start attacking trails every day with or without a light:~)

  7. Ben Luedke

    I love my Salomon Sense, but need the more robust Mantras to train for the the Issy Alps 100k I'm directing in a few months through our local mountains in the Pacific NW!. Propriotection is the best and beats a traditional rockplate hands down.

  8. Robert Brooks

    After completing my first ultra (Cactus Rose 100 mile endurance run)…I am looking to complete more 100 milers…I used the Salmon XA Comp and would love to give these Salmon's a try….My shoe size is 10……I cant wait……What a way to start 2013….

  9. Amanda

    I would train for the White River 50, my first 50 miler, after my torn hamstring recovers! Oh how I miss running… I gave myself a xmas present yesterday though and ran 1/2 mile through the woods while out walking the dog… it was heaven. I would run miles and miles through woods and up hills in these shoes… oh how I would…

  10. Aaron Harrell

    Hmmm, I think I would run my first ultra in 2013. My running partner has been at me for a couple of years. I know that I will do it one day and maybe, just maybe, I will do it this coming year. If I win these shoes, I will DEFINITELY do it.

  11. Scott

    If I understand the product ocrrectly, it is meant to be worn on the feet. As such, if I were to win a pair of Sensa Mantras, I would put one on each foot. Once so shod, I would consdier my options. Sit on the couch and read? Stare at the computer and work? Stand in the kitchen and cook? Head out the door and run? I would choose the later. And I would be glad that I did.

  12. Benjamin

    New Sollys! I'd throw out the spare tire in the old Support Vehicle, put the old shoes in the spare tire cavity, lace up the new shoes and run til I ran out of gas. Then call the support crew to meet me at Taco Bell.

  13. MW

    If I win a pair of the new Salomon Sense Mantras, I'll run the first race I do in Missouri after receiving them, with "I Run Far thanks to" on my bare chest and send you a pic to prove it!

  14. Anonymous

    I would love to have a pair to pace a good friend of mine in Vermont. He paced me last year and I am going this year to return the favour. :)

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