2012 Hardrock 100 Live Coverage

Hardrock 100[Update: With the race in the books, I thought I’d link to our 2012 Hardrock 100 results article. However, you can still click on CoverItLive below to get a full play-by-play recap of the 2012 Hardrock 100!]

The 2012 Hardrock 100 begins at 6 am MDT on Friday, July 13, as 140 runners take off from Silverton, Colorado for a journey through the San Juan Mountains. While labeled a “run” rather than a “race,” there’ll no doubt be hot competition for both the men’s and women’s titles, so we’ll be bringing you race updates and commentary from the front of the pack all day … and night… and the next day. As usual, we’ll be livecasting the event on iRunFar’s Twitter feed; however, we’ll also be combining our twitter feed with other news sources in the below CoverItLive window.

Note: Due to Hardrock’s temporal length, we’ll not be hosting a discussion with CoverItLive itself. However, we encourage you to discuss the race at length in the comments section!

Here are a couple resources to help you follow the race:

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-Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar

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  1. PotatoJoe


    Thanks for the amazing coverage, you and your team do an outstanding service for the running fans of the world. Keep up the good work.

    Whatever happen to the WS100 prediction contest?

  2. Chris P.

    I'll be at the Ouray AS all day tomorrow working on getting the crews and pacers good and liquored up before they meet their runners. Stop by for a shot of whiskey and a can of Schlitz.

  3. OOJ


    Will you plan on 'round the clock live coverage for duration of the race?

    You might consider trying to enroll in some sleep-deprivation studies concurrent with your race coverage. :)

          1. AJW

            OOJ, I am on Board the sleep deprivation train. There's tweets to be had. Plus, I need to be ready for my next 50k which will surely last all night

  4. dan

    Is hardrock live working for anyone I don't see any stats just the list of runners and pics. I am on a MAC have tried safari, firefox and chrome

  5. Scott

    Does anyone know the distances to each aid station?

    The live results page doesn't list mileage, and after a brief browse through the official website I'm not finding any information on segment distances.

      1. Scott

        Thanks, Mike.


        KT – 11.5

        Chapman Gulch – 18.1

        Telluride -29.8

        Kroger -34.7

        Governor Basin -37.9

        Ouray -45.9

        Engineer -53.9

        Grouse Gulch -60.4

        Burrows Park -69.7

        Sherman -73.9

        Pole Creek -82.8

        Maggie Gulch -87.1

        Cunningham Gulch -95.2

        Silverton-Finish 100.5

  6. Adam Feerst

    If you/they are not already aware, there are problems with the live results online.

    In the main sort, it's ranking the leaders who have checked into Chapman, immediately below the last runner checked into KT, the prior AS.

    When you click on an aid station:

    It shows them in reverse order;

    It only shows the ones who haven't checked into the next AS

    It highlights in yellow those who haven't checked into the next AS yet. It's supposed to do that. However, it has the ASs in last year's order. So, for KT, everyone is highlighted in yellow, and says the next AS is Silverton.

    1. Scott

      He's not shown on the live results feed, but there is a irunfar tweet photo of him leaving chapman in what looks like 4rd or 5th place.

  7. Alex from New Haven

    Could Diana get top 5 or even top 3? I could see it going DJ, HK and then Diana… that would be awesome.

  8. Michael

    Byron, dude, mad props…this is pretty exciting again(followed #WS100)…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for the coverage from you, and your team.

  9. David T

    Joe and the gang are over 45 minutes behind Kyle Skaggs's record setting pace. However, as much as 30 minutes of that might be explained by the added 2 miles.

    1. Pete

      I would say it is very reasonable to think that the 45 minutes could be made up. It would take a pretty incredible second half but it is doable.

  10. Pete

    Dakota is now back in the lead at Governor Basin. Looking like a nice 3 horse race is shaping up with Dakota, Joe, and Hal.

  11. Alex from New Haven

    David, I was just going to say, Hal has could easily pass for someone at the CrossFit games, which are weirdly going on simultaneous to Hardrock. It must be the altitude tent ;)

  12. Anonymous

    Arrgg, I can't get twitter while in the midle of the ocean. It appears as if the top 3 made a wrong turn??? If anyone see's this could you please update?

  13. mike

    Up at night, 2 year old asleep and wife snoring next to me in Vermont….yet i can't put the ipad down. Great race, great coverage irunfar team!.

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