Winter Running Resources and YakTrax Pro Giveaway

iciclesBrrr! The temperatures have plummeted, the wind is howling, and snow has fallen eight of the past nine days at our Utah headquarters. I guess that means winter is on its way, if it’s not already here. With that in mind, we’re going to take this opportunity to highlight some of the winter running resources that can be found here on As a bonus, we gave away five pairs of YakTrax Pro, our favorite winter running traction device.

Winter Running Resources
If you stop by iRF looking for our latest winter-related articles, click on the Winter Running tab at the top of every page or bookmark our winter running tag URL. If you’re looking for some more specific winter running advice, below are some examples.

Gear Resources
Two winters ago, we pulled together a series of winter running traction device reviews. The series, which focuses on over-the-shoe devices, includes separate reviews of Kahtoola MICROspikes, Kako Ice Trekkers Ultra (discontinued), STABILicers SPORT, and YakTrax Pro – our top pick in the lot. Stay tuned for an overview of additional winter running traction methods this winter.

We’ve also reviewed some shoes that are particularly suited for winter, such as the Inov-8 Roclite 312 GTX, the Asics Gel-Arctic WR 2, the Inov-8 Mudclaw 330, the Saucony ProGrid Razor, and the La Sportiva Crosslite.

If you’re looking for ways to stay warm, take a look at our reviews of Moeben Arm Sleeves, the Original Buff, and the Merino Wool Buff. There are also multi-review articles on transition weather running apparel as well as running gloves and mittens.

Alternative Activities
Runners in snowy areas often engage in additional winter sports to maintain their endurance through the winter. Last year, we published articles on snowshoe running basics and snowshoe racing as well as my own 3-day snowshoe trek around Yosemite National Park. Look for more on snowshoe running articles this winter as well as information on other winter endurance sports.

Articles and Entertainment
We’ve also got a couple winter articles that you might enjoy. First off, there’s one discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of snowshoe running. Then there’s Kevin Sullivan’s highly entertaining Why I Hate/Love Winter Running. If you enjoy Kevin’s winter running article, check out his poignant Will Running on the Treadmill Make You Insane? Away from iRunFar, check out iRF writer Meghan Hicks’s Postholing Memories story. If you’re a fan of cross country running, consider whether it should be part of the winter olympics.

YakTrax Pro Giveaway!
YakTraxWe’re sure that you haven’t forgotten about about the YakTrax Pro giveaway and neither have we! [Unfortauntely for you, the contest has already closed.]

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There are 169 comments

  1. ChrisG

    So far, its been a warm, dry Fall in the Front Range. There is almost no snow above 9000 feet! I'm thinking about summiting Pike's Peak tomorrow…

    What I love about Colorado Front Range winters/springs

    1) Days that are just cold enough to turn my cheeks rosy colored.

    2) Running on a snow packed trail with maybe an inch or two of fresh snow.

    3) Running on a snow packed trail with maybe an inch or two of fresh snow on a sunny warm day in shorts.

    4) Snow Flurries. I cannot think of a more perfect time to run. Trails or roads, it does not matter.

    5) When the sun catches the snow just right, the whole world is glitter.

    6) My dog puts it in overdrive in snow.

    What I dislike about Colorado Front Range winters/springs

    1) Days that are just cold enough to turn my cheeks frost bitten.

    2) Ice.

    3) Putting my Yak Trax on, then off, then on again on lower trails with exposure.

    3) Post-holing.

    4) I can only run popular trails unless I want to post-hole.

    Chris G

    Colorado Springs

  2. Doug Johnson, River

    I've got a snowshoe race in January here in western Wisconsin and this would be great for training and the event. Congrats on your recent move, I'm jealous!


  3. Nils Hahn

    My winter running shoes of choice are the ADIDAS Raven. The fabric isn't as breathable as most, which is nice when it is cold and windy. The grip is great on snowy trails.

    I live in Alaska and run on 100% snowed-in trails from October through April.


    Talkeetna, Alaska

  4. Kevin

    Living in SoCal, we don't get much of an opportunity to run in the snow, but with a pair of YakTraxs, I could tackle some of the peaks in the San Bernardino mountains.

  5. tony

    Brrrrrrr Its getting really cold here in Phoenix I think today its only going to be in the high 70's. But the yaks could be usefull in flagstaff.

  6. Bob brown

    I'm looking forward to another winter of running! After some fun thanksgiving and Christmas themed runs, I'll start my spring marathon training!

    Yaks would be great to keep running on the prairie path during the winter!

  7. Arthur Miles

    My New Year's Resolution for the last 4 years: NOT ONE STEP ON A TREADMILL. Winter, summer, rain or snow… all trails all the time!

  8. Larry

    Now that I'm running again, I'm hoping for another snowy winter like we had last year. My goal will be to see the cobwebs accumulate on our treadmill. Hoping to maybe try out some snowshoes … and Yaks!


    Great Falls, VA

  9. Mikey

    Not only do I plan to tackle a midnight snowshoe race, but I'm also planning to train my most loyal running partner, my Siberian Husky to pull a sled that I can put my daughter in and I can run alongside. Fun for the whole family!

  10. Brad D.

    I don't plan on stopping during the winter. My group hits up the Iowa winters til it hits 0 or ice and then we think about coming inside.

  11. Mark

    Here is Missouri we get ice or if it snows it melts and turns into ice. Our solution has been to put screws in our shoes. These Yak Trax look like it would be much easier and not ruin our shoes.


    KC Trail Nerds

  12. Tony Mollica

    I refuse to run on the Dreadmill! I'm going to be running outside! I could really use a pair of Yak Trax Pros!

    Thanks for the winter articles, the index and the give away! They are all much appreciated!

  13. Jon

    I'm excited for my first winter out of Utah/Colorado. While I didn't mind the snow, it will be nice to not have to wear tights and warm hat/gloves all the time.

  14. Will T.

    I got my 1st tracks in snow last week and unfortunately my shoe print did not show yaktrack markings, all my friends who were with me did have the yaktracks on. It made the 4k vertical descent in 2.5 miles quite slippery. I could have used the yaktracks then and I'm sure there will plenty more opportunities this winter when I'm sure I would wish that I had a pair.

  15. Bryon Powell

    Why no mention of Nordic skiing? Because I've only been out once for a couple hours my entire life. That's about to change. I just picked up both classic and skate skis last week, am waxing them up tomorrow, and will be writing about this fine cross training option once I get some on snow time. :)

    1. KenZ

      Sweet! I will be adding cross country to my winter training this year up in Tahoe. Being more like running than biking, but less like running than snow shoeing, I'm betting that it's really really good for your running.

  16. Chris

    I just moved to Tacoma, WA, within striking distance of Mount Rainier and a bunch of other great running/snowshoeing areas in the Cascades and Olympics. I want to start snowshoeing right about now but don't have the cash to buy gear, so it would be super fresh if you could hook me up.

    Thanks, Bryon, you're the dandiest.

  17. Sara L

    I ran in the winter for the first time last year. I live in Wisconsin, and we were fortunate to not have too much snow (at least not on the roads by the time I could run on them) and there were only a couple days I had to miss my run due to weather. I'm always looking for ideas on good winter running gear. Thanks for the article!

  18. Blair

    Running in the winter is quite the experience. Especially when going downhill and you begin to almost skate ski. But I suppose that is one of the benefits of trail running as you never know what the trail will be like on any given day.

  19. Jason W

    It's been winter here for one month. Using the old studs on the feet and really needing them. Glare ice the last week with temps hanging around 10 degrees for early mornings. But the full moon was out this morning and it was really beautiful. Gotta watch out for those wolves, though.

  20. Steve

    Living in Maine I find it fun to run the snowmobile trails once they are packed down. Sometimes I hit the trails in running snowshoes and other times I run in my usual running shoes with thick socks. HATE TO RUN INSIDE!

  21. Leon

    A wicked cold snap last July kept me from what I hoped would be a 2-3 day through-run of western Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands Trail. Ideally, this would be done in snowshoes, but PA weather is fickle and, sadly, sometimes completely devoid of snow. Wish me luck and consider me interested in putting a pair of those YakTrax Pro to the test. Thanks, Bryon!

  22. Brenden G.

    Looking forward to a milder Denver winter compared to last winter in Leadville. Hoping to spend lots of time exploring the trails of the Front Range. YakTrax would make it much more enjoyable (and safer!).



    Denver, CO

  23. Karen Kantor

    Around 6 years ago, i had a nasty case of frsotbite on both feet that put my into a whirlwind of physical therapy, debriding and biofeedback to try to save my feet (mostly intact with a couple toe pieces that were sacrificed to the snow gods…)

    SO, as I return to rmy former running form (well amost), I invested in some Icebugs to brave the elements. Felt like I was wearing concrete blocks on my feet-though the Gortex uppers did make my remaining foot parts feel snug, but the extra weight and not feeling the ground threw my already trashed proprioception even more off kilter. Tried screw shoes, but hate the sliding feeling that I have when transitioning back onto concrete from the trails.

    This winter, I have to (gulp) brave the elements, as I coach HS XC, indoor and outdoor track and need to look as tough as my runners and not wuss out on the cold, icey days. (Though we raced up a canyon today –30 degrees at 5764 feet–and at the 7220 ft summit it was almost 60 degrees-took 2nd overall, first female BTW!!)

    Plan to do many a snow-bound race this winter to help keep the kiddies motivated, so the YakTrax will work wonders in this part of Colorado.

    Enjoy your winter running everyone!!

    Karen, Morrison CO

  24. SCOTT

    I have used YakTrax Pro for a few tears now. While training for the ARROWHEAD 135 I found that it was not simple to pull a pulk while running on ice. I live in Wisconsin so in order to not let the weather control my running passion I must have gear that works well. The YakTrax Pro work good for traction and also help me hold down some home made gaitors.

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