Winter Running Resources and YakTrax Pro Giveaway

iciclesBrrr! The temperatures have plummeted, the wind is howling, and snow has fallen eight of the past nine days at our Utah headquarters. I guess that means winter is on its way, if it’s not already here. With that in mind, we’re going to take this opportunity to highlight some of the winter running resources that can be found here on As a bonus, we gave away five pairs of YakTrax Pro, our favorite winter running traction device.

Winter Running Resources
If you stop by iRF looking for our latest winter-related articles, click on the Winter Running tab at the top of every page or bookmark our winter running tag URL. If you’re looking for some more specific winter running advice, below are some examples.

Gear Resources
Two winters ago, we pulled together a series of winter running traction device reviews. The series, which focuses on over-the-shoe devices, includes separate reviews of Kahtoola MICROspikes, Kako Ice Trekkers Ultra (discontinued), STABILicers SPORT, and YakTrax Pro – our top pick in the lot. Stay tuned for an overview of additional winter running traction methods this winter.

We’ve also reviewed some shoes that are particularly suited for winter, such as the Inov-8 Roclite 312 GTX, the Asics Gel-Arctic WR 2, the Inov-8 Mudclaw 330, the Saucony ProGrid Razor, and the La Sportiva Crosslite.

If you’re looking for ways to stay warm, take a look at our reviews of Moeben Arm Sleeves, the Original Buff, and the Merino Wool Buff. There are also multi-review articles on transition weather running apparel as well as running gloves and mittens.

Alternative Activities
Runners in snowy areas often engage in additional winter sports to maintain their endurance through the winter. Last year, we published articles on snowshoe running basics and snowshoe racing as well as my own 3-day snowshoe trek around Yosemite National Park. Look for more on snowshoe running articles this winter as well as information on other winter endurance sports.

Articles and Entertainment
We’ve also got a couple winter articles that you might enjoy. First off, there’s one discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of snowshoe running. Then there’s Kevin Sullivan’s highly entertaining Why I Hate/Love Winter Running. If you enjoy Kevin’s winter running article, check out his poignant Will Running on the Treadmill Make You Insane? Away from iRunFar, check out iRF writer Meghan Hicks’s Postholing Memories story. If you’re a fan of cross country running, consider whether it should be part of the winter olympics.

YakTrax Pro Giveaway!
YakTraxWe’re sure that you haven’t forgotten about about the YakTrax Pro giveaway and neither have we! [Unfortauntely for you, the contest has already closed.]

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  1. Jason

    I can't wait to start running in the winter. Last year I discovered how awesome it was; you have most of the trails to your self and the snow acts as great training because of the extra effort you have to put in. I also plan on running up and down my local ski slope. Yaktrax would come in handy considering Central PA is icey.


    State College, PA

  2. Justin

    My winter running began this past winter. I used the stabilicer sport and they worked wonders. I would love to check out the yaktrax on these cold new england days coming up!


    Holden, MA

  3. Turi

    I'm going to try to make it through this winter without resorting to the treadmill. Snow's supposed to be coming this weekend, traction control would be nice…

  4. Brant

    To all of you all Northern runners, good luck in this winters training. More reasons I am glad to live in Texas and can wear shorts year round and no snow. Good luck to all of you.

  5. Anonymous

    Winter running in Maine is a ton of fun, till now I've only relied on my low center of gravity to keep from slipping; YakTrax might just help me a bit more!

    Zak-Portland, ME

  6. Dan

    Based on last year's winter in DC, I'm going to need a pair of YakTrax just run around in Rock Creek Park! Also, I'm sure they will come in handy when I'm in Colorado in a few months.


    Washington, DC

  7. Randy

    Here in Bismarck, 'winter' running will begin next week with the Turkey Trot. AM temps are expected below zero, after this weekend's snowfall of a few inches. And then winter arrives in another! YakTrax are very helpful for my wife's walk to/from work and for running on the trails in town.


    Bismarck, ND

  8. Jeff

    I love running in the snow, hopefully we get more of it this year here in upstate NY. And I could use those YakTrax Pros this year. Last year I was running on the side of a trail to avoid some ice and rolled my ankle in a rut – I almost broke it. On top of that, I had to run 6 miles back to my car… I wasn't dressed warm enough to walk back, I would have frozen. If I'd been wearing some YakTrax Pros I could have run right over the ice.

    *crosses fingers to win*

    Jeff F. – Beaver Dams, NY

  9. Mark in Philly

    Netflix and DVR make the treadmill a lot more inviting. :)

    Outside, I can't wait to try out my new thermal headband that covers the ears.

  10. Aaron

    I really only picked up running last February, but I've been putting in 40-50 mile weeks all summer. Running the trails in my area was a major find, since I'm never bored running through the woods, but I'm a little worried the winter weather will force me off of them. Some traction would be fantastic.


    Lakeville, MN

  11. JT

    My winter plan's fairly simple: an uninterrupted streak of running every day until May 1. Then it's a (hopefully) fast spring marathon leading into specific prep for JFK or MMTR. Just relocated back to NYC from AZ and, while I do miss the desert trails, I'm quite keen on running through the jaws of winter.

    And speaking of gear, I picked up a Buff based on your singing its praises. Great little piece of kit.

  12. KenZ

    Would love to try out the yaktrax!

    Why no mention of cross country skiing as a great winter cross training method? Yes, it is less like running than snow shoeing, but that's also kinda the point. It's different. Cross training is good for your running…

  13. Toe

    Here in Michigan I eagerly await the arrival of snow! Few feelings are better then cruising along in the early morning leaving fresh tracks (or YakTrax) in the snow.

  14. Paige T.

    YakTrax are on my wishlist! I do think my homemade screw shoes are pretty cool, but I don't want to have to do that to all my trail shoes this winter. It would be rockin' to be able to throw a pair of YakTrax on whatever shoes I feel like running in on any given day. As the colder/snowier weather is no excuse to skip out on running, I plan on keeping up my training all through the cold months here in Chi-town.

  15. Tim H

    After spending all of last winter with the trails to myself in the Blacksburg VA area, I'm looking forward to running through another cold season, this time in the Arlington/DC area. Would love to try out some new gear and take the YakTrax on a few ski trips in the area.


    Arlington, VA

  16. Jorge Fernandez

    This will be perfect for my winter goal: DONT STOP matter how bad the weather is…so the yaktrax will be perfect for my winter arsenal…


    Jorge Fernandez

    Downingtown, PA

  17. Kaye

    With work, school for my MBA, and twin 3-yr olds, most of my running is done early morning on the roads and neighborhoods around work. However, I do make sure to run the canyon behind my house when there is new snow on the weekends. The few snowmobilers look at me and my dog like we're crazy, but it is a beautiful 4-6 miles of pristine beauty. Those YakTrax would probably make it possible to run further up the icey canyon….. (Do they make YakTrax for dogs? We could run forever!)

    Kaye, Tooele UT

  18. matt lindsey

    Well, being a Central PA runner, we definately have some ice and snow issues. The last two seasons I have run in my trail shoes on the roads and the woods and have experienced some issues with the ice and snow. This year I am looking to move into a set of YakTrax or similar product to make my winter running even more enjoyable. The big test will be the Frozen Sasquatch 50K that I am running on January 8, 2011 in the mountains of West Virginia. Definately want to have something so that I can finish strong, and not on my ass.

  19. Bill Day

    I love running when it's snowing so I'm really looking forward to our first flakes here (usually occurs sometime in November). And after Thanksgiving break, I'll get serious about training for our winter trail extravaganza, the Post Oak Challenge:

    I'm going to run one of the doubles this year but haven't decided for sure which distances.

    Bill Day

    Broken Arrow, OK

  20. Eric Mauricette

    running in the winter. Its the best. Dealing with any kind of weather hot or cold always brings the challenge i love.

    Whether the weather be fine,

    Or whether the weather be not,

    Whether the weather be cold,

    Or whether the weather be hot,

    We'll weather the weather

    Whatever the weather

    Whether we like it or not.

  21. Mannie

    Supposed to be headed to Iowa this year for a couple weeks to visit my inlaws. Hoping to get out and put some miles on in the snow. Being a Texas Boy, we don't get much opportunity down here, so I'd figured I'd take it whilst I can.


    Round Rock, Tx

  22. Kim Neill

    There are days when the wind is gusting, the snow is icy, and it's just a lot of hard work, that I understand why people workout indoors. But I could never do–I'm too stubborn. I love to be outside no matter how cold, awful, or uneven the footing is. I look forward to winter running. And you gotta have those traction devices for winter running. There is also a new YakTrax Extreme to be reviewed.

  23. Michele Bierstedt

    I absolutely hate the treadmill, and would rather bundle up and run in the snow any day. I love the yaktracks, one pair usually lasts a season, but I've had some break mid-season as well. They are well worth the money to be able to run outside without slipping. Have fun out there!


    Littleton, CO

  24. Jenny Handy

    After spending basically the past 2 years pregnant my running has suffered. Doctor's orders prohibited much exercise. Now I plan on focusing this winter on increasing my mileage to reach my goal of 50 miles in the next race I do. YakTrax Pro would help immensley in the mountain area I live. I broke my last pair. Oops!! Thanks.


    Stanardsville, VA

  25. Brian Baker

    I'm training for my first 40 mile race this winter, so I hope we don't have the crazy cold temps and snow in the south that we had last year! If we do the YakTrax would come in super handy!!


    Thomasville, NC

  26. HollyN

    Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, winter running for me means mud, mud, and more mud! Rains are expected this weekend so I'll be pulling my rain gear from the closet and hoping to get down and dirty on the trails tomorrow morning. I'm running my first 50 miler next spring, so there's no avoiding the weather this year. I'll be out rain or shine.

  27. chris freet

    Living in the northern Pocono Mts. of northeast PA snow and ise are an issue. Last winter I took a hard spill on ice while on one of our local trails. It's so fun though running while the snow is falling. It is both calming and isolating at the same time.

    Chris Freet

    Honesdale, PA

  28. Brad Koenig

    Last winter, the snow kept me stranded to running endless loops of my neighborhood as the plowed snow kept me from venturing out onto the main roads. It was brutal. My local trails were inaccessible because I have no snowshoes or Yaktrax (who would have thought I would need snowshoes for running trails in Philly at Wissahickon… then again, who would have thought there were miles and miles of technical trails in Philly! :)

    Please put my name in the hat!

  29. Mike

    Not looking forward to the winter… but gotta run, right? Have a feeling I could use those YakTrax on the Pere Marquette trail run in December…brrrrrr!

  30. Tony Cesario

    I look forward to the winter running. The white snow filled trails make the forest look so pristine and crisp, as if your the first to discover this land. I allways want to be the first on the trail after a days snowfall so I can hear the crunch and thumping as I'm stepping on the lighly packed snow. As the temps dip, you can feel your cheecks tingle from the sweat starting to ice-up on your face. The slipping with every step can be un-nerving at times, and when your done with the run you feel that you've had a full body workout. The woods enable me to go for up to a 2 hour run, as long as the wind is kept at bay. otherwise my seat filled clothes will full of ice. Can't wait for it to snow.

  31. Troy

    We don't get a lot of snow in Oklahoma, but we get a TON of ice. It's dangerous work running on ice, you end up trying to land in the puddles of melted ice so you don't slip. I thought about some Yak Trax last year, maybe this year.

  32. John Mossman

    I'm so happy winter is coming- no crowded trails, no ticks, no poison ivy. If there's enough snow, x-c skiing is a great way to train, but in southern Illinois snow isn't really abundant.

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