Moving (From) the Motherlode Contest

Motherload giveaway[Note: This contest is now closed. Winners were announced here.]

Not only are we thanking you, the iRunFar reader, this week for helping us reach the milestone of one million(!) pageviews, but we’re also preparing to move iRunFar headquarters out of the Sierra Nevada. It’s a long story that we’ll fill you in on later. Anyway, we’re getting rid of our entire stockpile of giveaway items ahead of the move.

Most of the gear we’re giving away in this contest is new; however, there are lightly-used items, as well. You can assume that an item is new unless we tell you otherwise. Details on how to enter follow the list of gear to be won.

FYI, we’re running four other great contests this week in celebration of iRunFar’s one millionth pageview. Here’s an index to all of our contests this week. Two highlights: An Endurance Challenge prize package from The North Face and 5 pairs of New Balance’s just-released MT101/WT101 trail shoe!


  • Salomon Minim 30 – A lightweight (675 g) 30-liter pack that is hydration compatible and trekking pole friendly. The pack is black and red.
  • Camelbak Blowfish – Generally a bike pack that was used for trail running. A used, couple-year-old version that’s still in good shape. About a 12 liter capacity that holds a 100-ounce bladder (not included). Goldenrod and gray.
  • Camelbak Flashflo – A waist-mounted hydration pack (bladder included). A used, couple-year-old version that’s still in good shape. Blue, gray, and black.

Short Sleeve Tech Shirts (medium unless otherwise noted)

  • Jupiter Peak Steeplechase ’10 – A good looking blue shirt from Green Layer.
  • Rothrock Challenge ’10 – Another blue shirt from Green Layer with small, simple front logo and sponsor-filled back.
  • HAT Run 50k – White shirt with black neck and small black back panel. Back features a definition of ultrarunning.
  • Freemotion – Black shirt with yellow accents.
  • Taos Up and Over Trail Run ’10 (extra small) – Blue shirt with simple logo front and sponsor-filled back.

Black Hats

  • Salomon New Era Cap (medium/large) – Black with small “Salomon” and logo in gray on front.
  • Salomon Cap (large/extra large) – Classy black cap with large gray Salomon logo and gray trim.
  • Mammut Cap (large/extra large) – Black cap with the Mammut logo.
  • Udo’s Oil Cap – Black Coolmax hat bearing “Udo’s Oil” and “oil the machine.”

Socks (sizes are noted in US men’s)

  • Asics Men Sorbtex Performance Low Cut Sock 3 Pack (large 9-12) – Three pairs of thin white tech socks.
  • Injinji Performance Mini-Crew (large – 11-13) – The classic Injinji tetrasock in “sand” color.
  • Merrell Quick Socks (large – 9-11.5) – Merino running socks with targeted cushioning.
  • Newton Ankle Socks (large/extra large 10.5-15) – Performance running socks perfectly suited to Newton running shoes.
  • The North Face Men’s Fire Road No Show (large – 9-12.5) – Thin-to-medium weight socks with targeted cushioning.


  • Brooks Run Happy Water Bottle – A dark blue 20 ounce H2GO bottle with the Brooks Run Happy logo.
  • PUR Guide Water Filter and Replacement Cartridge – This is a fastpacking/hiking item rather than a true running item, but it may be useful for iRunFar readers. The filter system, which is well-used and well-cared for, comes with a replacement filter.
  • Nathan Flip Straw Pure Bottle – An orange 700 ml BPA flip straw bottle.
  • La Sportiva Bottle – A white, BPA-free, biodegradable water bottle.
  • nuun Bottle – A blue water bottle made by Specialized.
  • Mountain Trails Foundation bottle – A water bottle featuring the MTF logo.


  • The North Face towel – A thin small-to-medium size towel that would be great to wipe off with after a workout.
  • Assorted flash drives – We’ve got a couple outdoor company-branded USB flash drives with from 1/2 – 1 GB capacity.
  • Salomon Shoe Bag – A simple black Salomon shoe bag.
  • The North Face Sunscreen – 50 mLs of 20 UPF sunscreen.
  • Green Laces Shoelaces – Show your support of the environment with these laces.

The Rules
Really, there are no rules to speak of. To enter, just leave a comment (please do this directly on the website, not via email) with your name and location. While not necessary, please include your email in the confidential box above the main comment box to help expedite our getting your brand new gear out to you (if you win). In the name of responsible shipping (and our non-existent budget) we’re limiting this contest to American and Canadian shipping locations only.

We ask that you please note in the comment only the gear pieces in which you are most interested. Your specific requests add to our work, but mean the gear goes to the folks for whom it would be most useful. There’s no limit to the number of items you can enter to win (see paragraph below), we just ask that you are thoughtful in entering the contest.

The drawing for each item will be random … for the most part. One caveat of this giveaway is that you’ll only walk away with one item. (A good reason to only enter for the items you want most.) With that in mind, there may be instances where we will deliberately divvy up prizes so that more people walk away happy.

To be eligible, you need to enter by 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, October 15. We’ll post results from all of our One Miiillllionth Pageview contests on October 18th.

A Favor
We don’t make you “do” anything to enter this giveaway. No need to fill out a form, sign up for this, or subscribe to that. However, if you appreciate iRunFar and what it does, we just ask that you spread the word. You could share news of this giveaway with others, link to iRunFar on your blog or website, or tell your buddies about the website on your next run.

While you’re at it, consider further embracing the iRunFar community through one of the following options. Not only will they keep you better informed (we share different news on the website, the Facebook page, and Twitter), but you’ll help us out, too!

Also, anyone looking for a free iRunFar bumper sticker, please use our contact page to request one. We’ll need your full address for that! Folks, we ship these free anywhere in the world. Really!

There are 795 comments

  1. Mike Ralph

    How can you beat cramps for LD runs. I hydrate well, but in my 20 miler, got nailed with cramps in chin and calves at finish line. Can't wait for the new gear;)

  2. Ginger

    Salomon Cap (large/extra large) – Classy black cap with large gray Salomon logo and gray trim.

    I have been wanting a running cap for a long time!

  3. T. Weston

    New to this site, referred by a friend. Love the give-a-way and could definitely use some new gear. Thanks iRunFar!!!

    -Toni Weston; Buffalo, New York

  4. Joel

    Salomon Minim 30

    Freemotion shirt

    Salomon New Era Cap

    Asics Men Sorbtex socks

    Brooks Run Happy Water Bottle

    Great give aways. Congrats on 1 million, and thanks for the opportunity at this. Poor college students can always use free stuff :)

    Omaha, NE

  5. Jordan

    This is so great! Who could turn down amazing running / outdoor gear?

    I'd love ..

    Any of these ..

    Short Sleeve Tech Shirts

    Jupiter Peak Steeplechase ’10

    Rothrock Challenge ’10

    HAT Run 50k


    Taos Up and Over Trail Run ’10

    Brooks Run Happy Water Bottle

    Nathan Flip Straw Pure Bottle

    nuun Bottle

    Mountain Trails Foundation bottle

    The North Face towel

    Salomon Shoe Bag



    Greenville, SC

  6. Cheryl

    Hi from Seattle. I'm interested in the camelback flashflo. I need more hydration and prefer it around the waist. I could use the hand towel as well.

  7. Missy

    *** Brooks Run Happy Water Bottle – A dark blue 20 ounce H2GO bottle with the Brooks Run Happy logo.

    *** Nathan Flip Straw Pure Bottle – An orange 700 ml BPA flip straw bottle.

    *** Salomon Shoe Bag – A simple black Salomon shoe bag.

    OH MAN! The shoe bag would be awesome. My son is running XC and I'm running and we are sharing ONE bag. When we run the same event, it gets kind of congested. (I win…I'm the mom).


  8. cerenaleigh

    I would really love to be entered to win the:

    Jupiter Peak Steeplechase ’10 shirt , Rothrock Challenge ’10, Freemotion Shirt, or the Greenlaces.

    Thanks so much for having this giveaway!!

    Cerena Leigh

  9. Chuck Wheeler

    Just really stated running this past April. Dropped 40 lbs. Can use running gear or hiking gear, looking to do some of that also, especially since the weather here in central Florida is just starting to get nice outside. Am into a half marathon training program, not preparing for a race, just getting into shape. Did a hard 45 minute run yesterday, and a 14 mile hike today. May need to delay my upcoming 11 mile run a day.

  10. Pen & Sword

    Anything hydration related. I got my first marathon in November, and I find I'm a slave to the occasional water fountain as I run those long thirsty miles. Thanks, you guys rock!

  11. Chuck Wheeler

    Bring it on. I'm running in old cotton – cotton briefs, cotton t-shirt, cotton shocks, and whatever shorts I have in my closet – mostly bleach stained. High tech stuff? Can my body adjust?

  12. Todd D. in Arkansas

    Thank you for the site and contest.

    Interested in most all of the prizes except for the bottles, I'm well stocked.

    Regarding the clothing sizes: Medium Shirts, 12 shoe size

    The salomon minim 30 would be great

    Todd in Arkansas

  13. Lori De Marco

    I love the idea of sharing what you dont need rather than throwing it away. Someone could always use it! I hope I do win something…I'll be so stoked! No size mediums though..I'm a big girl…XL if you have it!

  14. Harold Neiper

    Awesome selections!  I am training for my first 50k ultra and just started up trail running so I am in definite need of and would love the following:

    Salomon minim 30

    Hat run 50k

    New balance shoes (size 10.5)



  15. Carlos Garcia

    I really need a hydration pack, and I could use a tech shirt and a hat.

    In any case, I wouldnt mind about getting anything else from the list.

    This is great!

    Carlos Garcia,

    San Ysidro, CA

  16. Lisa Decker

    Brooks Run Happy water bottle

    alomon New Era Cap (medium/large) – Black with small “Salomon” and logo in gray on front.

    30023 Granda Hills Ct

    Wesley Chapel Fl 33543

  17. Nate Orndorf

    any t-shirts would be sweet!! (except the extra small one). socks, hats, and water bottles would be nice too! thanks for the giveaways!!

    -Nate in Ohio

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