Chilly Weather, Hot Contest

[Note: This contest is now closed. Winners were announced here.]

It’s raining gear! Hallelujah! It’s raining gear! Amen! That’s right iRunFar readers, it’s time to get your gear on. You’ve helped us hit 1 million pageviews and to thank you, we’re hooking you up with gear and prizes all week. Today, we’re opening up our gear closet to give you apparel to keep you warm and running this autumn and winter. All this gear is brand spanking new… don’t ask us how we got it all.

Details on how to enter follow the list of gear to be won.

BTW, here’s an index to all of our contests this week.

Long Sleeve Shirts (all men’s medium)

  • Brooks EZ T Long Sleeve (blue) – A sweet health blue long sleeve from Brooks.
  • Mountain Hardwear Tech Shirt from Holiday Lake 50k ’07 (blue) – Great Mountain Hardwear lightweight tech shirt.
  • Brook Equilibrium from the Old Pueblo 50 Mile (white) – The tags are still on this lightweight tech shirt.
  • REI Tech Shirt from Uwharrie Mountain Run ’07 (black) – Lightweight functional tech shirt.
  • Brooks Tech Shirt from HAT Run 50k (navy blue) – Another great tech shirt.

Accessory Apparel

  • Moeben Sleeves (medium – long) – These tie-dyed pattern sleeves are sure to get you seen!
  • Patagonia Capilene 4 Beanie – A shallow green beanie made with Polartec Power Dry that’s good for keeping your noggin’ warm, but not your ears.
  • High UV Protection Buff – The Buff is a perfect accessory through all seasons with a vast array of uses. This one is great with a classic bandanna print. It also features Insect Shield insect repellent.
  • Saucony Mittens (large/extra large) – A fine pair of Polartec mittens with a great nose-wiping thumb.
  • Sugoi Braveheart Beanie – A black and white plaid beanie. A deep hat that you can double up over your ears.


The Rules
Really, there are no rules to speak of. To enter, just leave a comment (please do this directly on the website, not via email) with your name and location. While not necessary, please include your email in the confidential box above the main comment box to help expedite our getting your brand new gear out to you (if you win). In the name of responsible shipping (and our non-existent budget) we’re limiting this contest to American and Canadian shipping locations only.

We ask that you please note in the comment only the gear pieces in which you are most interested. Your specific requests add to our work, but mean the gear goes to the folks for whom it would be most useful. There’s no limit to the number of items you can enter to win (see paragraph below), we just ask that you are thoughtful in entering the contest.

The drawing for each item will be random … for the most part. One caveat of this giveaway is that you’ll only walk away with one item. (A good reason to only enter for the items you want most.) With that in mind, there may be instances where we will deliberately divvy up prizes so that more people walk away happy.

To be eligible, you need to enter by 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, October 15. We’ll post results from all of our One Miiillllionth Pageview contests on October 18th.

A Favor
We don’t make you “do” anything to enter this giveaway. No need to fill out a form, sign up for this, or subscribe to that. However, if you appreciate iRunFar and what it does, we just ask that you spread the word. You could share news of this giveaway with others, link to iRunFar on your blog or website, or tell your buddies about the website on your next run.

While you’re at it, consider further embracing the iRunFar community through one of the following options. Not only will they keep you better informed (we share different news on the website, the Facebook page, and Twitter), but you’ll help us out, too!

Also, anyone looking for a free iRunFar bumper sticker, please use our contact page to request one. We’ll need your full address for that! Folks, we ship these free anywhere in the world. Really!

There are 368 comments

  1. Rob

    First – congrats on racking up the page views!

    Second – thanks for the terrific string of giveaways

    Third – good luck with the relo to Utah

    Fourth – would love any of the long-sleeve Ts, especially the Equilibrium

    and finally – a tip o' the hat for the giveaway names. Makes me wish I didn't wear a size 13 so that I could occasionally traipse across cloud (size) 9.

  2. Mike

    Awesome site and a great giveaway. I'd be grateful to win anything (especially a long sleeve tee). The mittens would be too big though.


  3. Patty Darner

    I'm your newest convert! I'd love to win the "Brooks EZ T Long Sleeve". We're a running geek family so any size works :)


  4. Justin

    Hey Bryon,

    The brooks long sleeve, the patagonia beenie and the moeben sleeves would fit nicely in my collection. Thanks again!


    Holden, MA

  5. eddie Reagan

    That Patagonia Beanie would come in handy this winter. Aside form gloves and a hat I'm a shorts and tee shirt guy year round. Record low in shorts is 4 degrees. That little beanie would be much appreciated! Keeo up the good work!

  6. Bobby

    free swag, love this place!

    Things I NEEED:

    Brooks EZ T Long Sleeve

    Brook Equilibrium from the Old Pueblo 50 Mile

    Sugoi Braveheart Beanie

    Brooks Tech Shirt from HAT Run 50k

  7. Susan

    I love Northface products I Have some! I love the Moeben Sleeves, I love running in the brooks shirts so soft so easy to roll up the sleeves.

    Actually I am not picky so any give away you have I am interested as I am UNEMPLOYED. thank you…please draw me I love your site. I told all of my running mates about it too

  8. Derek Nance


    I am new to the website but already have some praise to give. I am very impressed with both the reviews, the news, and even the GEAR you guys supply! I am a new trail runner and have really been scoping out lots o sites for the best gear. I just want to say that I would be extremely grateful if I won the mountain hardware tech shirt (small or medium) because I know how awesome that brand is. I have a lot of camping gear I use from mountain hardware and it lives up to the hype. That's all I have to say. Keep up the good work gang and keep me posted on when you guys get the salomon exo slab short. Keep running!


  9. Ashley

    Ashley – Charlotte, NC

    Long Sleeve Shirts

    * Mountain Hardwear Tech Shirt from Holiday Lake 50k ’07 (blue)

    * Brook Equilibrium from the Old Pueblo 50 Mile (white)

    * REI Tech Shirt from Uwharrie Mountain Run ’07 (black)

    * Brooks Tech Shirt from HAT Run 50k (navy blue)

    Accessory Apparel

    * Moeben Sleeves (medium – long)

    * Patagonia Capilene 4 Beanie

    * Saucony Mittens (large/extra large)


    * The North Face TKA Textured 100 Full Zip Jacket

  10. Brian Walter

    Either of the beanies would be great, my favorite running beanie was hoarked by someone after I left in laying in the locker room at work. And the mittens would keep my hands toasty as I train through the winter for my first 50 miler.


    Fort Collins, CO

  11. Josh

    thanks for the prizes. I'd be psyched to be entered for

    NorthFace jacket

    Brook Equilibrium from the Old Pueblo

    Mountain Hardwear Tech Shirt

    REI Tech Shirt from Uwharrie Mountain Run

    Brooks Tech Shirt from HAT Run


  12. Randy Sabin

    A chill is definitely oin the air during my early morning runs. I would love some of this gear to keep me warm. I'm an Air Force runner living near Virginia Beach.

    Randy Sabin

    Newport News, VA

  13. Marlene Penner

    Hi! I'm new to your sight and love it! I wold love to get the Moeben Sleeves (medium – long). Thanks. Goshen, INDIANA

  14. Josh

    A chance for more free gear, YEAH!

    Moeben Sleeves

    The North Face TKA Textured 100 Full Zip Jacket

    Sugoi Braveheart Beanie

    High UV Protection Buff

    Thanks again!

  15. Kelly

    Since it is starting to get chilly out there I would love some Moeben Sleeves or the High UV Protection Buff. Thanks for all the great gear giveaways!

    Kelly Hubley

    Ridgecrest, CA

  16. Joe Helmbrecht

    * Brooks EZ T Long Sleeve (blue)

    * Brook Equilibrium

    * Patagonia Capilene 4 Beanie

    * High UV Protection Buff

    * Saucony Mittens (large/extra large)

    * Sugoi Braveheart Beanie

    * The North Face TKA Textured 100 Full Zip Jacket

    624 w dakota ave apt 2

    pierre sd 57501

  17. Kevin Kaufman

    Thanks for the great giveaways!

    I wear a size M so any of the shirts would be great!

    Lost my favorite hat recently so either of the beanies.

    And I could use the Sugoi mittens!


    Englewood, CO

  18. Miranda

    I'd like to enter for any of the shirts, the jacket, or the mittens :) Gonna try running outside for the first time this winter!

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  19. matt lindsey

    Now that winter is fast approaching in Central PA, this is a great list of items that I would love to add to my running collection. I am really interested in the following items:

    Patagonia Beanie

    Sugoi Beanie

    NF Jacket

    Thanks again!!!

  20. Denise

    Love the Brooks Equalibrium Shirt – Size S – have recently found passion in running – this would be perfect for the early morning runs here in the midwest :)

    Thanks :)

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