iRunFar Salomon Sense Mantra Holiday Giveaway

Salomon Sense Mantra - Men's - Black/Green/Yellow

The Salomon Sense Mantra

We’ve already partnered with Strava to challenge you to get out and run over the holidays. Now, we’re partnering with Salomon to spread a little holiday cheer by giving away five pairs of the brand new Salomon Sense Mantra, the training model in their Sense line. [Update: Contest completed!] All you need to do to enter is leave a comment (before January 1 at 11:59 pm MST) letting us know how you’d use your Sense Mantra in 2013. Anyone can leave a comment, only US residents can win.

And the winners are… (MST time of comment included to avoid confusion)

  • Benj (12/24 6:09 am)
  • Jack (12/24 10:35 am)
  • Jacob (12/24 1:22 pm)
  • Pete (12/24 2:12 pm)
  • Jimbo (12/24 3:00 pm)

Ps. Whether or not you win the giveaway, you can be one of the first to have the Salomon Sense Mantra or the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra by picking them up now from the iRunFar Store.

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  1. trailrunner76

    I would maintain my 85 pound weight loss through Ultrarunning and work on my trailrunner76 quest of 12 ultra runs in 2013.

    and I would eat some bacon out of them…

  2. Jim

    I intend to get these shoes very muddy, scuff them up on sharp rocks, and kick boulders with my big toe. I'll trip and fall down in them for no reason, wade through creeks, wipe off dog poo on the curb, stuff them with newspapers, impart a horrendous rotting smell, cross a few finish lines, and put them up whilst enjoying a cold beer.

  3. rms

    The Vertical K's are my favorite trail shoe, bar none. The integrated gaiter rejects gravel completely, which is a big deal in a trail shoe for me. The soft midsole both wraps around rocks — for excellent grip — and provides a cushioned ride, and there's enough room inside for a plastic-framed insole to provide arch support and act as a rock plate. The Mantra looks to provide these same features, but without the need for an insole: I'm interested

  4. Dave

    Hi Guys,

    Will be training for the Iceage Trail Run 50. Not sure I need a pair of trail shoes.

    But with the way we go through shoes. Who wouldn't love a free pair.

    Happy New Year.

  5. Wes

    I'm working up the kahonas to run the Lake Hughes trail marathon and eyeing Leona Valley for '14 and hoping I can find something 30kish in between. and I agree with Dave about the free shoes.

    Haply New Year!

  6. Dan H

    I would Ebay them, and use the money to buy the S-Lab Sense Ultra. The Mantras are too heavy and the heel/toe drop is too long for my taste. Just being honest. Do I win?

  7. Brad Bishopa

    Well, since I didn't get into Western, Hardrock or Barkley, my prepared answers of the Grand or Rocky Mt Slam don't apply. Instead, the Mantras will be used to train and run a Fat Ass 100mi of my own styling – the 10mi loop that Psycho Wyco 50k is run on. Should be roughly 22k of elevation gain – yes, in Kansas – on a rocky, rooty, horse-cratered, muddy clay infested trail. Should be a blast. :) Pacers/crew/spectators, or those who are crazy enough to join me in being the first to do a full 100mi on this trail are welcome! Email me – date TBD.

  8. Jason C

    Easy. I'd put the rock plate to the test here in South Texas. Hill Country Natural State Area, site of the Bandera 100K, is my back yard.

  9. Ben Clark

    I would use them to run the San Juans ( I live in Telluride, Co.) and train for the trail ultras I have on the cue this year! I log a lot of miles in the light weight and 4mm heel drop of the Brooks Pure Grits and have run two 50 Milers in them this fall/winter along with many 20 mile 6000+ vertical days. The Salomon Sense Mantra makes more sense to me because when you are cruising at altitude with no trail and the freedom of the hills calling…sometimes that midsole and the wear test standards Brooks is totally and reliably upfront about presents itself…and you need another pair sooner than 250 miles, sometimes sooner than that afternoon ;-) It would be great to confidently unlock more enchainments with a shoe that shares similar technical specs but that I can trust to stay together in conditions most of the top and really impressive minimal and light weight shoes just aren't designed to withstand. If it can sidehill and stay stable on traverses, they'll have a customer for life!

  10. eric hodge

    i'd use them to keep running farther, keep running faster, keep myself saner, more balanced at work and at home, keep my soul enriched out on the trails, keep my legs getting stronger and looking better for my wife, keep myself healthier, leaner and guilt free after the occasional slice of pizza here and there, keep my son proud that his father is patient enough, fit enough and tough enough to run long trail races, keep myself honest 6 hours in, tired as hell with no way out but over those final two mountains (the long road home). i'd use them to keep doing what i love to do: running.

  11. Jaymz

    If I won the shoes I would run the 50 mile race in Madison, Dance with the Devil and then the 50 mile at the North Face Challenge. Love my five fingers, but free would get me to try something else.

  12. Cory M.

    I would use them to run in this snowy, icy, Minnesota winter! Training for my first trail race and can't let the cold and wet stop me. I need a great shoe to keep me motivated and leave no room for excuses.

  13. Alexander Isaac

    I plan to run the CCC (UTMB) and will be training in Germany, Colorado, and California, which are all fantastic places to run in the Mantras!

  14. Jen

    i will use them to get out and spend some good ole quality time with my hubby on the trails! Training for a 50 miler, too, but that's secondary to the sheer joy we get from running together for hours on end :)

  15. Iwan

    I have been a long time HUGE fan of the Salomon brand and their products. Unfortunately my one-year old tends to win the battle over her toys versus "daddy's toys." :) I would love to get a pair of of Salomon Sense Mantra to continue my Ultra training. In 2013 I've got a lot of races lined up to include my 4th 100-miler attempt, a 3-day stage race and of course some hikes with my little girl in tow! :)

  16. Gary

    I will use them to train so that I can keep up with my grandkids! And to be able to try and keep up with my daughter and son-in-law who run crazy distances (marathons are for wimps!)

  17. Dave Fulton

    I would use them to train for (and run) a couple of 50Ks and 50Ms, not to mention just getting out and enjoying running on our very rugged, technical trails.

  18. Josh Coval

    I would use them as I start from square one again after an ankle sprain and a subsequent blood clot in my leg. As a high school cross country running and track coach, this is the down time, but I have to get back up to some running as an example for the kids I am blest to work with every day.

  19. Derk Pinkerton

    I've been looking for a good pair of shoes to rock a 225k down in Costa Rica. Everything I've read about these seems to fit the bill. I think I could really use them in the coastal challenge in February, Six days of fun jungle running where things might actually give u chase!

  20. worm

    Kicking it in AK! Training for my 2nd 100 miler, and a Hardrock qualifier. Shooting for Cascade Crest but Plain and Pine to Palm are runners up.

    Thanks for the great resource and chance to win sweet gear.

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