iRunFar Salomon Sense Mantra Holiday Giveaway

Salomon Sense Mantra - Men's - Black/Green/Yellow

The Salomon Sense Mantra

We’ve already partnered with Strava to challenge you to get out and run over the holidays. Now, we’re partnering with Salomon to spread a little holiday cheer by giving away five pairs of the brand new Salomon Sense Mantra, the training model in their Sense line. [Update: Contest completed!] All you need to do to enter is leave a comment (before January 1 at 11:59 pm MST) letting us know how you’d use your Sense Mantra in 2013. Anyone can leave a comment, only US residents can win.

And the winners are… (MST time of comment included to avoid confusion)

  • Benj (12/24 6:09 am)
  • Jack (12/24 10:35 am)
  • Jacob (12/24 1:22 pm)
  • Pete (12/24 2:12 pm)
  • Jimbo (12/24 3:00 pm)

Ps. Whether or not you win the giveaway, you can be one of the first to have the Salomon Sense Mantra or the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra by picking them up now from the iRunFar Store.

There are 812 comments

  1. CJ

    I would use my Salomon Sense Mantras to train on the trails and also use them for some gnarly, longer trail races. I'm actually in need of new trail shoes as my Rogue Racers are wearing through the soles.

  2. Dawn

    I would love to use these shoes to do my first 50 hopefully JFK 50 2013, along with a few 50k. After recovering from a labral tear in my hip to run two 50k this year ( from which I was told I would not run far again ) every day on the trail is a gift. These shoes would make it just a little bit sweeter!!

  3. Lauren

    Your website has been a window into trail running and racing and pretty much a go-to guide for it. Just entered my first trail race for this April, a 25k. If I got the shoe, I'd use it to train and run like everyone else whose posted, while having the confidence that I'm in something really trusted and recommended by a credible source on the sport. I'd use it to stop thinking about "am i going to kill myself in my regular road shoe" and to start thinking "this is awesome out here."

  4. Lee

    I would love to be shod in the Salomon Sense as I continue to section-run the AT. (Headed north into the Smokies next) Thanks, Bryon, for iRunFar! This site is certainly my primary source of info and inspiration. Also thanks for the super sweet deal I got on the Salomon tights in the store–I wanted them for a while but couldn't justify the cost until you put them on clearance. iRunFar rules!

  5. Kelly Hutchins

    Training for my first 100m race in June 2013. Logging tons of miles and going through shoes, would be really awesome to have one pair that i didn't have to pay for. Thanks for all you do, and the awesome information and videos you post for us to enjoy. Run Happy:)

  6. Alex

    I'd wear them while I ran around the house celebrating the fact that I won some cool shoes. Then, I'd run the trails at a nearby state park and fly like an eagle. A trail eagle, one who runs and flaps its wings a lot.

  7. Erik

    I'd use them for ultra training on our local single track and midwest adventure racing. Been having success with Salomon products for years!

  8. Andrew McKenna

    I would use the Mantra to build for my first long distance race – the Pine Creek Challenge in Pennsylvania in September.

    While it is not a technical trail run, it's not road either and it is still a great distance challenge for me, and I hope to rise to the moment, and prove to myself where the limits are not.

  9. Chris Luck

    So far, the longest distance I've run has been 45 miles. Will there be a pair of Mantras on my feet when I finish the Pineland Farms 50 miles in May? Let us hope!

  10. JKal

    I am training for life and i need shoes!! Daily runs, daily walks, daily snowshoe adventures, hikes … life in general. Thanks for all you do irunfar and salomon!

  11. Richy Yin

    I would use the Sense Mantra to start training for my first trail 50k in April of 2013 and to also run the trails of the Minnesota River.

  12. William Shaw

    I would use them to train with my 15 year old daughter who desperately wants to make the high school track team next year as a long distance runner. She has been literalluy running since she was 2 and usually with me. I am now finding it hard to keep up with her. I am hoping these shoes could buy a few more years of competitive running with her.

  13. JenE

    I would use them to pass boys on hills… unless they don't come in women's sizes… then I'd give them to Tommy so he could blow them out.

  14. Tim Nelson

    I think I would make excuse to head up to the middle of VA a bit more often and climb some nice rocky mountains and hills. Might try my feet at a 50miler, or just get lost in the woods for some good climbs.

  15. Pistol 60

    I'd break the new Mantra in on some honest New England AT trail running…the steep, rocky, technical stuff, not the soft pine needle paths that the rest of the world calls trail running. I recently went ass over tea kettle on the icy summit of Mt. Everett in western Massachusetts and would have loved the nimble Mantra as a wingman!

  16. Billie

    I am 3 mos post achilles surgery and hope to running in mid Jan. Would love to start my recovery off in a pair of Salomon Sense Mantras.

  17. Dan Winters

    I'm excited to add a few trail runs to my schedule of running events for 2013. Haulin' Aspen in Bend, OR will be on my list and I would love to be rockin' a pair of Salomon Sense Mantras!

  18. Blair

    Potholing up and down the mountains thanks to some recent holiday snow. New shoes are always welcome when it comes to that endeavor.

  19. Chris C.

    I'd use them for taking my very active husky on his daily run……actually, he takes me for my daily run/slide along the Alaskan ice and snow.

  20. B Higdon

    Would use them to set an example for my two young sons–out on the trails–on challenging one's self, having a love of the natural world, and the importance of being active.

  21. Anonymous

    I would use them to train on Eastern single track trails for races in the Reading PA area throughout the year, pleased to see Salomon finally using a rock plate in the forefoot!

  22. david iding

    i would use them on the rocky eastern single track trails in prep for racing in PA, pleased about the forefoot rock plate! would love to try them out!

  23. JP

    I would love to try out the Mantra on the trails in my new mid-western home with my wife as we train for what we hope to be breakout races for us in the Indiana 100 and 50 against some tough competition flying in this year! Wonder how they would perform on a mostly flat record-breaking course?!

  24. Corky Dean

    Looking for something to replace my Inov8's as I'm building toward my first 100 this summer. I've loved the original Salomon Pro's and haven;t found anything quite like them since they were updated years ago. I'd like to come back to this brand.

  25. ADAM

    i would love to have the mantra in my collection as i prepare to run my first series of ultra races this coming year. i really enjoy the salomons i currently have and think these would be a great addition

  26. Jonathan Verville

    Started training for next big thing- CCC in 2014, so need to run at least one 50M+ race this summer with lots of mtn trail running and need some awesome new treads to replace well-worn (& well-loved) Salomon XA Pro Ultras and Inov8 boots. I will keep an eye on this model free or not! Cheers!

  27. Peter B

    I already responded so this won't count. But if I win I would run up and down the fiscal cliff. They talk about it so much on the news that it must have some awesome trails.

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