Live Coverage of the 2011 Hardrock 100

Hardrock 100There are multiple ways to get live 2011 Hardrock 100 coverage:

[Bonus coverage of the Hardrock start.]

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  1. Bob Mahenski

    Watching from the mountains of northeast CA. I'd like to thank all of you who tweet for the updates. Good luck to all the participants and their support crews from California's Tahoe area.

  2. SteveB

    Why all of the drops? Did the weather turn nasty? What happened to Meltzer, it's his second year in a row to drop.

    Congrats to Finkle and Africa!

  3. Justin

    Great coverage of an amazing event! These runners push themselves to amazing lengths, and I admire their will and determination. It is even more amazing to see all these kick ass women running right up there with the men, congrats to Finkle, and Africa for an awesome performance!

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