The North Face Endurance Challenge Championships Contest

The North Face Endurance Challenge 2010 Logo[Note: This contest is now closed. Winners were announced here.]

We’re teaming up with The North Face to provide a lucky winner with free entry into his or her choice of any The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship weekend race (December 4-5 in San Francisco’s Marin Headlands), a full Better Than Naked running outfit, and a pair of TNF Single-Track shoes. All you have to do to enter is to let us know why you’d like to run one of the TNF EC championship races.*

The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship Weekend
This year, each of the five TNF Endurance Challenge locations features a full weekend’s worth of exciting trail racing. For the fourth straight year, the 50-mile championship race headlines the showcase of races. Run on Saturday, December 4, the 50-mile race through the Marin Headlands will feature what could be the US’s best ultrarunning field of the year. Up for grabs is $30,000 in prize money with $10,000/$4,000/$1,000 going to both the top three men and top three women. Oh, and there are big bragging rights on the line as most competitors head into an off-season.

If you don’t want to run the 50-mile championship race, but still want to challenge yourself on Marin Headlands trails that weekend, there are a ton of other trail race options. On Saturday, December 4, The North Face will also host a 50k, a marathon, a marathon relay, and a kid’s run. For those hoping to wrap up their season with a shorter race, there will be a half marathon, a 10k, a 5k and another kid’s run on Sunday, December 5. After covering the 50- mile race on Saturday, iRunFar’s Bryon Powell will be running one of Sunday’s shorter races.

As noted above, the winner of this contest gets a free entry into whichever race he or she wants to run. (Travel and lodging are up to the winner.)

Better Than Naked Apparel

The North Face Better Than Naked men's crew

The North Face's forthcoming Better Than Naked men's crew.

Next spring, The North Face will be launching a line of Better Than Naked performance running apparel. The line features super lightweight breathable and weather-resistant materials… that make it better than running naked. While the human body also lacks reflective features, each piece in the Better Than Naked line makes up for this evolutionary deficiency.

When released, there will be three Better Than Naked items available for both men and women: a jacket, crew shirt, and short. The winner of this contest will receive a full his or hers set that includes a Better Than Naked jacket, crew, and short well before they’re available to the public! (Note that the line will also include a women’s Better Than Naked singlet.)

TNF Single-Track Shoes
As clothes can enhance the running experience, so too can shoes. Thankfully, The North Face is rounding out the winner’s kit with a pair of the company’s award-winning Single-Track shoes. As a team of iRunFar reviewers has previously put this hybrid trail runner to the test, we’ll direct you to our The North Face Single-Track review.

Full Rules

To be eligible to win this huge prize package, you need not write a huge essay on why you’d like to run one of the The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship weekend races. A short note will do. The winner will be drawn at random. Entry is open to anyone anywhere! Be sure to leave your name and town. The contest will close Friday, October 15th at 5 p.m. PDT. We’ll announce the winner along with all the other One Miillionth Pageview contest winners on Monday, October 18th.

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  1. Bradley

    While I have never run farther than a half marathon to date, I am incredibly inspired by the ultra running community and have high hopes that someday I may join the ranks of those who have gone the distance. I don't imagine I will be ready for the longer distances in early December, but the half marathon (or even the marathon) are within reach.

    My thanks,


    Puyallup, WA

  2. Mike

    If one of us wins, would we be allowed to wager the prize on whoever finishes Medoc first?

    Seriously though, Kay has been winning too many local trail races, we'd like to send her somewhere else to take their prizes instead.

  3. Jimena

    Pretty sure I will Virgil again. I feel tied to it for life since it was my first 100 miler. Ian haunts my dreams with his wicked course!! ha!

  4. Jon Sagner

    Why the North Face Endurance Challenge Championship Race ?

    Because for me it's all about the Zen of the experience. Nothing else. I've lost the headphones & thumping iPod, the color coordinated gear, the watch that tells you every detail of the experience. It's just about me and the trail. I think that is what the North Face Endurance Challenge is all about. The aggregation of like minded individuals looking to match their endurance with the challenge.

    Jon Sagner

    Baltimore, MD

  5. Peter Boers

    Why do I want to run TNF Endurance Chhalenge Race in San Fran?

    Because, coming from SWFL, I just can't imagine running in tights, LS top and a winter hat as I see Bay Area runners wearing IN AUGUST & SEPTEMBER. Also, I have always wanted to visit Marin and see the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Peter Boers
    Fort Myers, FL

  6. Jeff H

    It's like fate is saying enter this contest. My training will be peaking and I will be sharp enough to do my first 50 mile race at that very time. I have a good feeling here guys!

    Thanks for the opportunity

    Jeff in NH

  7. Bill Day

    I'd like to run in Marin as it would be a bit of a homecoming: I lived in the Bay Area for 8 1/2 years a decade ago, but didn't run at the time. Now I really wished I'd taken advantage of all the wonderful trails while I was there. This contest could start me down that path.

    Bill Day

    Broken Arrow, OK

  8. George Flatau

    Would love to do a TNF Endurance Challenge – I've run three ultras so far and am hooked. Love TNF's commitment to the sport with gear and sponsorship of races. They put on great, challenging races, and I'd love to be a part of one. I've got family in the Bay Area and would love to travel out there to see them and compete/complete.

  9. Jay

    Would love to run an Endurance challenge. I've completed 15 50K's and two 40 milers and am looking for a 50 mile race for my next step towards the 100!



  10. Kevin Schraer

    I've never been to San Fran, I need some new gear, a free entry to a race would make me feel like a sponsored pro, and I want to run with Bryon! Thanks irunfar!

    Kevin Schraer, Tucson Arizona

  11. John W

    Dude, that's my homeland! I've been an East coaster since first grade but originally from the Bay area. I've never had the chance to race out there, this would be perfect timing as my sister just moved to Sausalito…hook it up!

  12. Stu

    I am really looking to enter a trail race and would love to try a 50K. This would be perfect since one obstacle for me is the cost of entry fees. I've run two marathons in Malaysia-the Penang Bridge Intl and Borneo Intl marathons-which are class act events for about $25! My birthday is Dec 3rd, so how about a cool birthday present! :-)



  13. Cameron Mehl

    While I've run just one marathon, I've recently become very infatuated with trail running and found that I can go much further on trails than on the can-be boring asphalt. I'd love to do the race.

    Cameron Mehl

    Bossier City, LA

  14. Kelly

    I would love to run at The North Face Endurance Challenge Weekend! I love the promo videos they have put out for the races. Looks like a ton of fun! Count me in!

    Kelly Hubley

    Ridgecrest, CA

  15. matt lindsey

    This is one of my dream races to run. TNF Endurance Challenge Championships would be a great running getaway from Central PA to San Fran the first week of December. And another ultra for the year would be a great way to end it.

  16. Mark Owens

    Would like to do this race 'cus I'm stuck running roads/trails in central Indiana and going to California would be a helluva nice change from Indiana in December!


    Indianapolis, IN

  17. Larissa Milano

    I would love to run at the North Face Challenge!! I have been looking at this one for months. I am competing in my first half at the begining of November with my husband (also his first). Free entry and new gear is always a great motivation boost for the new runner that has grand dreams of making it to a 50 mile and an ironman =0)

    Thanks irunfar!!!


    San Mateo, Ca

  18. Bryan Lund

    I have actually been looking into these races online and they look awesome. My cousin Megan Lund, is actually on the US Mountain Running Team, and her performance has really inspired me to try mountain running myself. I'm certainly not ready to start with mountains though, so I'm looking into trail races that I can do. The 10k on Sunday would be great first trail race for me to do, but I also need the gear.

    Thanks for the contest irunfar,


    Rohnert Park, CA

  19. Maureen

    I would LOVE to be able to run the North Face Challenge 1/2 marathon in SF. I have wanted to participate in the VA challenge the last two years in VA. The start is only one mile from my house but I've had to travel that weekend both years. I'm running Marine Corps Marathon in Oct. and the Disney marathon in Jan so the 1/2 marathon in SF would be excellent timing.

    Thank you,


    Sterling, VA

  20. Sharleen

    I've just recently completed my first marathon and would love to run one out of state. As much as I love spontaneity, if I win I'd enter in one of the shorter distances. An ultra would require a little more notice and training for this girl.

  21. Karen Kantor

    Would absolutely LOVE to run the 50 miler!!!! Getting back into incredible shape, but am POOR and cannot afford entries (insert big sigh here). No, really, really poor (day job-work with homeless addicts, great job, horrible pay–afternoon job coach HS xc, again great job, almost no pay…), PLUS I just turned 40 and want to see what these old legs have in them.

    So after busting out some heavy mileage and chasing some fast kids, I am TOTALLY ready for a 50!!!!

    Beggin is not beneath me….

    Signed Karen

    Morrison, CO

  22. Maria

    I will be in dire need of a break from work in December and a weekend on California trails would be good medicine. I ran my first 50K in the beginning of this year and would love to bookend the season with another.


    Duluth MN

  23. Andy

    I would love to enter the race because I am looking to complete my first ultra. TNF is great at supporting and taking the ultra community to the mainstream.

    Andy Smith

    Exton, PA

  24. Anonymous

    I've been running the Marin Headlands trails for over 30 years. North Face has done a great job of highlighting great trails around the nation for its North Face Endurance Challenge Series.

  25. Don

    I love the TNFEC races. I have done the courses in Madison, Seattle, Bellingham, SFO and next week I am heading to the race in Atlanta. With all that running, I sure could use a new pair of TNF Single Track shoes!

  26. eric

    I would love to win a chance at the North Face Endurance Challenge, but I have no experience with such a race/distance. Not to mention, my students (I am a high school principal) might miss me too much if I won….so I hope someone more deserving (who could actually complete the race) wins….good luck to everyone.

  27. Archer Wee

    Is this Global?

    Just done 50km in the local TNF challenge last weekend.

    Would love a chance to try one in the States.

    Archer Wee


  28. Andrew McNair

    I turn 40 this year so what better

    way to celebrate than to do a big

    run with some new gear:-)

    I'm from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

  29. dave

    Pick me please! I am a poor medical student who can still run fairly fast + want to race and redeem myself this year from my embarasing loss last ;)

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