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Endurance Science logoWe here at iRunFar are pleased to announce that we will be collaborating with, the first of several exciting announcements we’ll make over the next few weeks. For those who don’t know, is an excellent resource for science-based training and racing information. We recommend that you to a look at the Endurance Science site. On your first visit, be sure to take a look at the Science page, which explains the basic physiology of endurance, and the Training page, which explains how Endurance Science uses scientific principles to develop training schedules. For more articles like the heat acclimation piece we published today as well as other endurance-related stories, check out the Endurance Science blog.

Bill Henderson Marathon des Sables

Bill Henderson at the 2009 Marathon des Sables.

Oh yeah, back to our collaboration with Endurance Science. Beginning today, William Henderson, MD, FRCPC, will be sharing his understanding of exercise physiology with iRunFar readers. As if his medical training wasn’t enough, “Bill” is currently working on his PhD in Exercise Physiology. To be a bit more specific, Dr. Henderson is a critical care physician and exercise physiologist who provides coaching and exercise physiology testing services at Endurance Science.

Aside from his degrees, there are two aspects of Bill that are going to make his articles particularly useful to iRunFar’s readers. First, Bill is able to explain complex science in simple English. Second, Bill is serious trail runner. In fact, Bill’s been on our radar since we communicated with him about a physiology study he was conducting (we talked gear, too) during the lead up to the 2009 Marathon des Sables, where he was my tentmate. We had our first discussion about collaborating on the bus ride back to Ouarzazate after the race. iRunFar couldn’t be happier that those discussions have come to fruition.

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